Organizing my closets today!

I thought I would share my venture on cleaning out and organizing my closets. I usually do this once every 4 to 6 months. But I am going to shift some things around and wanted to incorporate some more storage options like bins. So I did some research for pictures online and website with ideas.

I came across some neat pictures while searching on google.
Here is a site I took some notes from, click HERE. Its a fast read and has some interesting information.

Then there is this well done video that gave me an idea. Who would have thought that you can store the sheets in the pillow case? Not me! Click HERE to watch this video.

On problem I have is I am not good at folding fitted sheets. I hate to fold them. I leave this to Greg since his mom trained him right and he folds them perfect. So HERE is a fast video and I will try it. Now maybe I won’t roll mine up and stick it in the closet for Greg to fix as soon as he spots my horrible job! LOL! Really, he will get it down and refold it!

And just for kicks, if you want to learn how to fold you shirt the Japenese way in Italian then check out THIS video. Since I did not get past conversational Italian in my quest to learn Italian, I can not understand one word of this video.

On to the bathroom closet. I am not one to stock up on items since I don’t like clutter and I don’t like things setting behind other things that get lost or you forget you have them. But Dede is a hoarder and has tons of things she shares. I want to get these things out of her bedroom and into the linen closet out side her bathroom to free up space in her room for things she uses daily or weekly. So I went on a search for some new and fresh ideas. Didn’t really find any new ideas, I mean, I am pretty good at organizing but I like to find new ideas I have not thought of. I found THIS article from ehow on organizing the bathroom closet. Its a fast read and maybe you will have a light bulb go off and think of an idea that will work for you.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my organizing your closets post. I might post pictures later of my before and after. Umm, maybe not!

Well I am off to organize and after I do that, I have a few reviews to write so stay tuned.
Then I will be off to find new curriculum for next school year!



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1 Response to Organizing my closets today!

  1. meesh says:

    I am so glad I stopped by, I love your book reviews and I just signed up to booksneeze, it sounds great. I can't wait to get started.


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