Review: The Greatest Stories of the Bible

The Greatest Stories of the Bible (NKJV)

Thomas Nelson Publishers

I sit here writing this review by candle light. An old tree has fallen on the power lines about a mile away causing power to go out to lots of people. I thought I would use this time to get my thoughts into a word doc since I cannot really spend time reading.

Obviously I cannot read this book in its entirety that would take me 6 months. I did on the other hand read some of it and browse through to look at its contents and layout. And I have come to the conclusion that this is a neat BIG book that is perfect for nightly reading with your children. It puts me to mind of the Message bible. This is not an entire bible, it’s just stories from the bible.

The verses are labeled with the scripture numbers. At the beginning of the story it tells you which chapters and verses that are referencing. It makes it easy to understand and you don’t get a lot of extra things in between. It is not a complete bible with every verse and chapter. Just the ones pertaining to a certain story, like Jacob Blesses Joseph from Genesis 47:27 -48:22 or Livestock, Boils, and Hail from Exodus 9.

One of the special “added touches” is the “ripped” antique like edges that seems to only happen on Thomas Nelson books. I love that look and feel of the rough edges. This makes me feel that they really put in extra thought and consideration to not only the contents of the books, but also the look and feel. I think Thomas Nelson is superb on designing of their books.

One of the things I like about this book in particular, unlike other bible story books I have read, is the index. To me it has a special feature. Lets say you want to read the story of the Ten Commandments to your children. You turn to the index and there it has the Ten Commandment listed with its page number. BUT, you really want to read a story about Joseph to your child. You look for Joseph in the index and under Joseph you get a list of topics like: Final Test of Brothers, Forgives His Brothers, Potiphar’s Wife, Prison to Palace. That is a great feature and makes it much easier to find exactly what you want to read.
Or if you know of a story but can’t think of the verses that go with it, just look for the person of you can browse through and see if anything rings a bell. There are other topics listed for example: Handwriting on the Wall, Garden of Eden, and Crucifixion. I just think its nice that you can look up a person and find stories about them. And of course there is a Table of Contents with all the stories listed in alphabetical order.

I give this book 5 stars!
Its design is pleasing to the eye and touch. Its stories are right from the NKJV which is a bit easier to read than the KJV. I can say it’s the most complete story book that you could read to your children and know they are getting full lessons. It would be excellent for a bible study with family.

I received this book for free for a review from Thomas Nelson


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