Working on my blog!

I have been thinking up some things to do to the blog. I have been neglecting it except mostly for reviews. I need to work on designing it better. I like my 3 columns because with 2 all my links get lost on one side. And I like that I can separate my homeschooling links from the other links. I just wanted to get a post in before Thanksgiving is here. So here is an update on my journey through life.

  • Greg’s dad Neil is driving in today from Ohio. He will be spending a week or more here.

  • I have a bunch of books to review.
  • I am making sourdough rolls for Thanksgiving from scratch out of my Amish Cookbook.
  • I will be trying out a punch recipe for Thanksgiving.
  • As you can see in an earlier post, I am learning to use my new (complicated) camera. I have already taken over 500 practice pictures which 95% were deleted.
  • We are still deciding on a color for the living room for paint. We may just try and find the original color and touch up. Or find a blue (my wishes) to paint. You all know I LOVE BOLD COLORS! But the living room is a bit neutral with with Nautical theme of navy, white, tan/sand, green. I want to bring the kitchen and living room together with one same color, so either green or blue would work. I just have to add some more blue in the kitchen. I am all about rustic, tropical, and nature. As well as Old World/Country Cottage mixed which is the kitchen. I guess you could call that rustic old world. Heck, I don’t know, I have tastes all my own and I follow no rules when it comes to decorating the way I want! (and not what designers say HA). I think people should decorate to their own personal likes, not what someone else says they should like. Because after all, YOU live in your house, NOT someone else. Do what ya like I say!!
  • Still pulling the upstairs together. Wanna add some Pirate stuff into the Medieval themed media room. As well as some Irish and Scottish stuff. I am really trying to pull in that “I am in another time and place” feel in there.
  • Still freaking out over the school room side of the bonus room. I really need some separation from the media side so I can brighten the school side. It still too dark. I hope be adding some white built in book shelves that it will help reflect the sun light and brighten up a bit. I mean, gee, when we close the blinds and drapes on a sunny day, it is pitch black up there. Perfect for watching movies. Speaking of movies…

I am going to go make lunch and maybe watch a movie with some sun light or some fast cars or maybe a Gerard Butler movie like P.S. I Love You. OR 300 cause I love that movie. Why I like testosterone filled movies I don’t know. I guess that is part of me not being a girly girl! Not that P.S. is one of those movies. I still love romance movies, but mostly the romantic comedy, which P.S. is not. But I mostly love action movies, cars, historical, CIA cop stuff, you get the pic. So I am off to make lunch and chill before the father in law gets here.
Oh, I am debating the change of theme on the blog.
I will either go back to the medievel theme, stick with the new tropical, or find something else. I just can’t decide. I like the brightness. Maybe I should make my own background with photo’s of the girls. Or go way back to the cottage theme (hint: name of this blog!)
God Bless you all!

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