Review: Molly’s December Digest

This is the most exciting issue I have read. And that is because it is one of, like a lot of people, my most favorite times. I love to hear the Christmas music and watch the Christmas movies (which we watch all year long when in the mood). So this digest has really lit a fire in our “holiday mood”.

In this digest you will find lots of warming family traditions. My favorite story is Today a Laptop, Tomorrow a Castle written by Aubrey Lively. I liked it so much because I can relate. I just love castles and I also love to write (when I am in the mood!) An article I enjoyed was Parenting That Pays written by Jennifer Sikora. There some very important points made for teaching our children to think of others instead of focusing on our selves (and presents). I think you will be blessed by her story of her son at the store.

For the fun stuff, yes, what would this season be with out fun stuff? RECIPES! There are tons of recipes. Most are easy and fun. There are a few, brutal honesty warning, I found to be a bit “cheesy” or not fresh (meatloaf?). Some were part of the weekly menu article (meant to be a change from the normal holiday food) and some were in other articles. I think this is more my aversion to what is mention and not the “suggesty” (did I make this word up?). There are lots of candy recipes. I love the candy recipes and I love peppermint bark. BUT it was missing the dark chocolate and uses only white chocolate. So I would change that recipe a bit. But aren’t recipes meant to be changed and played with? There are also a few recipes in here that are about popcorn, and I love popcorn. I think it should have its own food category on the pyramid.

On to all the gift ideas, shop or not to shop? that is someone’s question. There are lots of ideas about gifting. Should you, how much should you spend, who do you buy for, making gifts, and lots more ideas. If you are a shopper then you may want to check out the category on what is on Sale This Month.

And one last thing I want to talk about is the section on Dates to Remember. I really like to see this section. I have found some things in here I did not know we could talk about in our home school day. Just a few days are; eat a red apple day, poinsettia day, national chocolate covered anything day, humbug day, and many more. These are always a treat for me to read.

I think this is my favorite digest so far. It seems to be filled with tons more information that I am interested in. I am sure if you buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned for my “Old Fashion Christmas Wrapping” idea’s and pictures! (HINT: Do you remember Little House on the Praire? I remember watching the TV show as a child every night as my aunt Anne babysat me. I remember little Laura opening up her one little gift wrapped in brown paper. )


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