Book Review: A Family Guide to the Bible

Title: A Family Guide to the Bible
Author: Christin Ditchfield (
Publisher: Crossway
Type: Family Guide, Bible

Overview:There is so much I like about this book; I just don’t know where to start (I took lots of notes on this one). I learned a lot about books in the bible I normally don’t read. This book has lots of information to help start a bible study or, as in my case; I am using it to help insert information into our history timeline for school. The book is easily written and can be understood by older children. It has a simple lay out for each book of the bible. There is overview information at the beginning of the book like “History of the Bible” and “Authority of the Bible”. The meat of this book is that it explains each book of the bible, what its talking about, what it means.

Tons of information that is easy to find. Is perfect for jump starting your family bible study. There are “words to know” which is great for vocabulary studies, and also information on how to study the bible. You get to learn about the authors of each book, when it was written, who the author was writing to… It’s just an over all book full of USEFUL information that can really “peek” your interest in learning more in depth bible information. It’s not just topical.

Hard one here. Can’t really think of one.

Opinion:It is definitely worth adding to your bible study collection. Do you or your kids ever ask about detailed information on the bible and its authors or when its written. Or maybe what exactly is a book in the bible talking about? If so, you need this book.

Recommendation: (5 Stars)

I did this review for Crossway books. Visit them at to learn more about reviewing books.

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