Whats new this year!

Planning School!

Its that time of year. We have been racking our brains on which curriculum we want to go with. We are also planning some new things for this year. One of those things will be starting a “family newsletter”. This newsletter will be written by Deidra and Kiana. They will be sharing what is going on in our homeschool, family life, and maybe some biblical news, prophecy, or other things. It will include pictures on occasion. You will be receiving it via email, with a special snail mail version for special occasions.
I hope you all enjoy it when you receive it.

And this year, we have joined The Homeschool Lounge. They are putting on a “Homeschool Open House 2009” were you can win some prizes if you participate. I plan on participating. Some of you may be familiar with them, and some may not. I knew they existed and had been on the site, but only recently have I joined, for free, and I am paying attention to them. I think all homeschoolers should check them out.

For this year, I believe we have settled on the Robinson Curriculum as our choice. We are still looking at a math program. We will either be sticking with Math U See or we will be going with Singapore or Saxon. We are not really sure. Deidra would like to go with Singapore and Kiana would like to stay with MUS. But the RC suggests Saxon. So that is still being debated. If you have any suggestions or opinions on this matter, just leave a comment!

For bible, we are investing in some more Doorposts books to use, as well as some other things here and there. We have the “For Instruction in Righteousness” from Doorposts, but I am eager to order the Polished Cornerstones book for raising daughters. And they have a few other things I want to pick up. Plus they have a new chart “the put on” chart, which I will also be ordering.

I wanted to give an update on the school room. As you know, or may not know, the bonus room is in the process of being done/finished. We are still missing trim work around the windows, curtain rods, curtains (other than the black ones for the projector for the media side you see in the pictures below), and some other things need to be done. We are in the market for a “country” or “rustic” style table for school work. So that part is empty.

So here are the pictures of the school room.

P.S: I just thought I would through some pictures in of Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago!

Ok, this is the big pic, see those big long Encyclopedia Brittanica? 25 Vol. set from the thrift store for $12. I love to buy old books, and these are old. First printed in Scotland in 1768, copyright is 1968 printed in USA. Pretty cool I think! There is a nice little diddy printed on the inside “Let knowledge grow from more to more and thus be human life enriched.” I Sure am being enriched since homeschooling. I am learning as much, or more, as the girls. I have a new love of learning, and of collection old books. In our newsletter, I will let Dede share about some of the old books we have picked up at the thrift store. You will be surprised what we have found.

School Room, table missing, office in back ground. Over the windows is our framed Egyptian Paper (drawing a blank of what its called) with the Egyptian Alphabet and two women talking and eating. Our friend Ahmed, from Egypt, gave us some artifacts. The rest is packed away. This is my, mom’s, reading area. Not finished yet, but I will be working on that. This is a reading nook, Kiana has claimed it as her own. That is the real Blue’s Clue’s Chair that the in-laws purchased for the girls when they were younger. Summer Vacation in Myrtle Beach! At Spyglass Mini-Golf!

Kiki and her older clone! LOL! And just as good looking! Deidra, doesn’t she look so grown up! She is so beautiful.The 3 Golf Pro’s! But I must say, for the second year in a row, I beat ALL 3 OF THEM! HA!
Dede and Kiki showing off the balls they picked. Kiki’s is green, and Dede’s is purple.

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6 Responses to Whats new this year!

  1. Dawn says:

    What a lovely school room! I hope you have a wonderful year.


  2. Tonya says:

    Found you from THL! Sounds like you have a wonderful plan for the upcoming year. I especially love the family newsletter idea. Since we are a full-time traveling RV family, a newsletter would be great to connect us to family and friends at home that don't have access to our blog. Thanks for sharing…my kids (12, 15, 16) now have a new assignment!:)



  3. Diane says:

    You have such a lovely school rom!


  4. Jen says:

    What a beautiful school room. I love the color. I would love to have a school room. But for now we are comfortable in the dining room. I love the music on your blog.

    Have a wonderful year!


  5. Thanks Everyone!

    Funny enough, we are doing school at the dinning room table still. No table in the school room. But the table in the kitchen is the central location of all activities, so I like it better. I just don't like all the school stuff setting around so it still goes back upstairs to store till the next day.

    The color, dark purple, goes with our media room and there was no way to seperate with two paint colors because there are no walls seperating the two rooms. So basicly, the school room is the other side of the media room, which is just one big attic space!


  6. The Batts says:

    Hey there- visiting from THL – LOVE your homeschool space…makes me want to sit all day and read books!!!


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