Updating on the finishing of the bonus room!

I just wanted to post pics of the bonus room for everyone who is interested in seeing how far we have come. I hope you enjoy it. We, mostly Greg, have been working very hard every weekend, and week night that we can, to get this done. Carpet goes in this week, but first the paint has to be finished. It took 5 gallons to cover 85/90 % of the side walls in the main room. The ceiling will probably take 2g to do. The office took 1 and a half gallons. The girls clubhouse took just one. I will update those pics later. They are done and ready for carpet. Just the big room has to be done. And we can’t finish it because Home Depot ran out of the deep base we need for our color. We have to get 4 more gallons to finish the room and the kitchen. At least we hope 4 will cover.

So here goes.
School side with office doorGreg doing what he does best, talking on phone!Bar area and door to bath room that wont be done for a while.office door again.Sir Merrick my knight.BBar area getting painted.View from Clubhouse looking toward school side.
More coming soon. I have to update pics with new paint and stuff before carpet.
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1 Response to Updating on the finishing of the bonus room!

  1. MeritK says:

    Hey there! I can't believe it took me this long to find your new Blog 🙂 It looks great ( and may not even be new anymore, I am not sure) THis is MeritK Bloggin at North Carolina for TOS and for some reason I didn't get your comment emailed to me from the NC blog. Anyway, I wanted to let your know both your Templates are great & so is your music! I will be back to visit now that I know where you are! God Bless, Merit 🙂


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