Review: TOS E-Homeschooling E-Book

The wonderful ladies at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine have done it again! They have produced another outstanding E-book, and it’s all about using E-books in your homeschooling and organizing your E-books.

Now I burn my E-books to a disc and this has worked for me so far. I have a love hate relationship with E-books. I love to use them and collect them. But I hate to keep track of them. So this new E-book is going to be a hit for those who already use E-books and for those who want to but are not sure about them. The best part is, this E-book is FREE! Yep, you heard me correctly, it’s FREE! This comes in handy for those who are not sure of E-books and have never tried them for what ever fear you have. This E-book is going to help you decide if you’re going to like them and what to do with them.
They also talk about what type of “subjects” you can get in an E-book. Did you know you can get fiction and non-fiction books in E-book form?

This E-book covers topics from “Why to buy” to “how to make a virtual bookshelf”. They will introduce you to Digital Reading Devices (I have been wanting one of these for some novels). They also will talk to you about printing; what to print and what not to print.
They also include some ideas from other homeschooling moms who are using E-books so you can get a “real world” view of how others are using them. And of course the wonderful ladies who developed and wrote this E-book are homeschooling moms who know a thing or two about E-books from experience.

You just can’t lose on this E-book. It’s short but full of information that you will actually use. I learned some new idea’s from organizing my E-books other than burning them to discs.

For those of you who are familiar with E-books and have thought about writing your own E-book, there is a section for you, too. This section gives you hints on writing, about copywriting, and all the topics in between.

So go check out this very useful E-book. You won’t be disappointed. What do you have to lose?
Start looking for it to be released soon.

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