Book Review: The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World!

Book: Jungle Jack Hanna’s The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World.
Published By: Thomas Nelson

Awesome book for the animal lover in your family!
We learned loads of new, fun and interesting information!

Did you know the duck billed Platypus is venomous? Or that the skin of a Great White Shark feels like sandpaper and not rubber like it looks?

This next book I am going to tell you about has lots of information about those animals you just don’t hear about everyday, and some you do hear about and wandered more about.

This book is full of large, colorful pictures were you can really see details of the animals. It is also full of information that you probably didn’t know about some animals. You get to read about the diet, habitat, and size of the animals. Also, some really interesting facts about What Makes Them Wacky, Wild, or Weird.

Some of the animals you will learn about in this book are the Flamingo, the Puffer Fish (Kiki’s favorite), Wallaby, and the Blue-Footed Booby (my favorite, I was shocked to see him in the book). There is also some information on your animals you hear about or learn about regularly like the Brown Bear and Lions.
There is also a page on the Hissing Cockroach, just in case you’re looking at those for pets!

We really found a lot of fun and interesting info in this book. It is perfect for your animal lover. And for those who love Jack Hanna’s TV show Into the Wild, there is a DVD of bloopers included. We couldn’t stop laughing, it is funnier than those funniest video’s TV shows.

Can you find out which animal:
□ can lick its own ears (I have never heard of this animal)
□ eats regurgitated seafood for dinner
□ smells like popcorn (this animal also helps replant a type of fig tree seed)
□ can stick out its tongue 100 times per minute (hint: its not a snake)
□ can run as fast backward as it can forward

My only complaints are that the cd sleeve for the DVD is troublesome. The DVD sticks inside and it is very hard to get out. But I will say it won’t rip like the paper versions in other books.

Also, some of the binding on the pages are glued awkward so the pages don’t lay flat. Other than that, I am happy with the book.
To learn more about reviewing books for Thomas Nelson you can visit HERE

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