Product Review: Sinupret for sinus relief (a Natural formula)

I wanted to let you know I recently tried a new product by Bionorica.

It is called Sinupret for Kids, but its not just for kids! I am taking now for my allergies and its working on me. But they also have an adult version in tablet form. I just received the kids version to test.

Sinupret for kids is a syrup taken 3 times a day for children 2 years and up.

They claim that Sinupret for kids promotes clear nasal passages and sinuses., and helps strengthen the body’s natural immune defense.

I would have to agree. It helped clear up my sinuses from my allergies. With in a few days.

As for taste, some may like it and some may not. But for us we liked it over all. It tastes a bit like honey to us. And we are fans of honey in this home. It does stink a little and so your kids may think it tastes like it smells. But I assure you it does taste like honey and does not taste like it smells. Atleast in my humble opinion. I want to mention that some times you take things and you may get a quezzy feeling in your stomach, or an upset stomach or some other side effects. We had no side effects at all, except an after taste of honey!

So for a natural product, we have a winner! Its safe, tastes good, and it works! I recommend this product to everyone who suffers from something to do with “sinuses”.

My only complaint, is I think it is a little over priced. They sell it on the Bionorica site for $17.95. You may find it at a local store like Whole Foods or another store. I would try to find a coupon. I would suggest $12.95 would be a reasonable price. We are on budgets more today than ever. With this economy and people really watching how they spend money, we don’t want to over spend on items that we like.
I will be sharing this with some of you that I know has sinus issues. You won’t be dissapointed!

Till Next Time!


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