Review: The American Patriot’s Bible

Item I reviewed:
The American Patriot’s Bible (click to watch a video and read more)The Word of God and the Shaping of America
Dr. Richard G. Lee
General Editor
Bible Version: New Kings James
Study Bible Applying God’s Word

Published By:
Thomas Nelson
What I thought and how I am using this Bible:
When I received this Bible the other day in the mail, I was in AWE!
I was totally amazed by the details of this bible. There are some awesome pictures, maps, quotes, stories, and so much history. This bible helps show how the Christian faith was weaved into our American History. History like Woodrow Wilson took his presidential oath with his hand on Psalm 46. Or how about Grover Cleveland who placed his hand on Psalm 91:12-16 for his presidential oath. There are so many snippets and stories like these through out this bible. Stories like Christianity and the American Frontier, the story of Pearl Harbor, and Faith of the Founders. I really enjoyed reading The Convictions of some of the founders.

This bible makes it plain and clear that our nation was built on the Christian faith.
There are some other highlights such as in the front of the bible there are pages for specific family records, ancestry, and church records. They also have a chart of the fifty states and when they were admitted. There is also a concordance in the back subject index, as well as a list of the presidents.

One of the things I really like about this bible is that it lists the author of the book, when it was written, theme, key verses and chapters.

I had picked this bible because we are getting ready to study American History in our home school studies. I am so glad that I chose this bible. It is really going to give us a clear and deep understanding of our Christian Heritage in this country that so many un-believers in this country are trying to deny. This bible has all the proof that our founders were Christian and that they built our government and laws with the bible and God as the foundation of our country.

I really can not say enough about this bible. It is amazing. The bible on its own is an amazing truthful book. All the other information on our country is just an added bonus. Every American history teacher should have one. Every Christian school teacher should have one. This bible is more than a bible. Some people may not like the fact that God’s word is being compiled with other information. The information of our history does not overshadow God’s word in any way, it just relates to it in the form of real peoples lives.
I just want to keep bragging about how great every aspect of this bible is. But eventually I will have to stop.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for giving me the opportunity to review this study bible. Please see to learn more.

Till next time….


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