Review: Memoria Press

I have 3 items to share with you from Memoria Press. I am going to do 3 short reviews so I do not do 3 lengthy reviews and you get tired of reading and leaveJ.

The first item is Latina Christiana I an Introduction to Christian Latin.
I received the teacher book, student book, CD, and DVD.
They say no prior knowledge of Latin is required and I mostly agree. I say this only because if I did not have the DVD, I would have given up. It was a little harder for me than the girls. They were very excited and had a lot of fun working on Latin.

With this program, after you complete all the lessons, you will have learned words, prayers, sayings, songs, and more. We have not had the time to finish this complete as it would take many months. But we have worked on a few lessons, but are doing them slowly as to really comprehend the lessons. The girls are enjoying learning words to use like Salvete (hello) and The Table Blessing they are really looking forward to learning.

I personally have really enjoyed learning more in-depth grammar and parts of speech. This part of the curriculum can really help give a student deeper understanding of grammar and speech. Especially if they do Spelling Bee’s. We are learning about derivatives, conjugations, and declensions. I had never heard of a declension. And I still do not understand that yet as we have not gotten that far in the program.

Over all I think the program is laid out in an easy to read manner. It is well thought out and nicely done. They offer other Latin programs and you can go HERE to see which one is right for your child.

The next program is the Famous Men Of Rome. I loved this program, mostly the main teaching book with all the paintings and stories of the men. They did commission 30 new oil paintings for this book so the book is loaded with beautiful pictures. Along with the 30 pictures, there are 30 very interesting stories. The student guide is like a work book with loads of facts to know, vocabulary, activities, and there are also spaces for drawings. The teacher guide has all the answers to the questions and there are tests in the back.
The Famous Men Of Rome was my favorite book I received. We read it together and discuss new things we had learned. We also talked about things we knew already or things we had seen in the Drive Thru History Rome DVD. So we really enjoyed this book and learned a lot. It definitely kept our interest.

The last and final book we reviewed was the Copybook Cursive. This was laid out very simply and easy to use. It starts off with the alphabet but soon moves off to Latin sayings. There is a mixture of Latin and English words and sentences to copy. You will progress towards the Hymns and Prayers further in the copybook. They also offer a few blank sheets in the back for extra practice. The style is New American and this was new to us as we have used another style as our basis. But it was very easy to copy and the fluency is coming along. This book was not part of the original review options, but I was blessed with the opportunity to review it when I asked about it. We have a hard time with handwriting with the youngest and I was really hoping this would help since it went along with what we would be learning. And guess what, it works great because Kiki can copy to reinforce what she is learning with the Latin Christiana program. It fits together nicely.

I was really happy with Memoria Press. I think Cheryl and Leigh Lowe have done a wonderful job at putting these programs together in a easy, simple manner. I could easily understand the directions and lessons. Dede (12) could pick up and do it all on her own if she wanted.

You can purchase all the items individually or together. I would say you should get the set as it would be harder to do lessons with out the other pieces. Especially with Latina Christiana, it would be like leaving an ingredient out of a recipe. You really need the DVD’s to go with the lessons. I really don’t think I could have done with out the DVD’s. And we plan on finishing up the entire program. I did not have as much time as I would have liked to do a better, or full, review. I feel like I did not get a full understanding of the program. This has more to do with me and my personality and not the program its self. I take more time to fully understand things. The girls comprehended things much faster and they are enjoying it. Kiki likes to repeat and do things with the DVD’s. She feels like she is part of a class.

I recommend all these programs. I will look into using more of their programs at a later date when we are in the market for our next adventure. I really love learning about world history and I feel I got an in-depth history lesson with the Famous Men Of Rome.

If you would like to check Memoria Press out in more detail visit their website HERE.

To see what other Crew members are saying go HERE.

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