Book Review: What Does The Bible Say About That?

About the book:
What Does The Bible Say About That? For ages 8-12
Published by: Crossway Books & Bible
Written by: Carolyn Larsen
Illustrated by: Rick Incrocci

About the Author:CAROLYN LARSEN has written more than 40 books for children and adults, including Crossway’s The Toddler’s ABC Bible Storybook and The Toddler’s 1-2-3 Bible Storybook. A mother of three whose humor and understanding of kids combines so well with her vast experience in writing on biblical topics, she is best known as the author of The Little Girls Bible Storybook line, which has sold more than 1 million units.
I did not realize this until now, but we have 2 of the Girls Bibles that she wrote. We absolutely love them and I would also recommend them.
If you want to learn more about Carolyn Larsen you can visit her web page HERE. You can also see her books available through Crossway HERE.

How we used the book:
For starters, I wanted to share how we used this book as a family and for our home school. It is not an in-depth look into the bible. It is more of a reference to over 300 questions kids may wonder about.

That said, we used this book as a “go to” book when we did something questionable, or when we just wanted to see what the book said about something. For example, in our home we have some trouble with being selfish. So this was one of the first subjects we wanted to see what this book had to say. So we turned to the table of contents, everything is listed alphabetically. We found “selfishness” was on page 266, so we turned to that page. Each “question” has its own page and there are some bible verses and a couple sections including; What the Bible says, Time to face the facts, and Today I will.

For us, we found it appropriate to go a little more in-depth. We pulled out other resources that were more in-depth or gave another perspective. Some of the “questions” I read, I found that they did not fit into what I would have taught them. As a parent, the authority, I pick and chose what I feel is right for our family. Like the page on Snacking. The author talked about moderation and the body being a temple that we must take care of. Personally, if I were to talk about this with my children, I would bring up indulgence. But like I said, this is more of a reference, or a “starter” to more in-depth learning and teaching.

This brings me to the other way we are using this book. During our bible studies, we look up what the book says about things and we discuss them. For instance, we looked up what the book says about sin, right and wrong, and repentance. That goes with our bible study we are doing now.

What I/We thought:
I think this is a great resource for parents to use WITH their children. I would not just let them go reading this and then not discuss what they had read. My girls do like to pick it up and read the book on their own. But I feel I do need to talk about what they are reading and discuss with them what they are thinking. I also want to be there to discuss anything that may not line up with what we believe.

The book is not all about sinful things, there are all types of subject matter. There are other subjects like how to deal with siblings, using the phone, growing up (puberty), friends, confidence, just normal things in life that everyone deals with. I found it to be useful my self. Everything is listed simply and in a neat format.

You could use this book to help find subjects to teach your Sunday school class or your bible study. Yes, your bible study class or home group. Just pick a subject that you feel another adult or teen might want to learn more about and use it as a basis for more in-depth study. Of course you will have to use some other resources, but this would just give you some idea’s that maybe you had not thought of before.

The author did an awesome job in putting this book together and for the most part I found it to be in line with scripture. The only real complaint is there is not enough mentions of Jesus. I would have liked to see more Jesus mentioned especially on the subjects that are in line with behavior or repentance (there was one scripture that mentioned Jesus). It brings to mind the movie “Time Changer” were the children were taught to “do this, don’t do that” but were never told the “why” and the “why” has to do with Jesus and his sacrifice of paying for our sins. For me, knowing what Jesus went through, though I can not comprehend what he went through, is enough for me to try not to knowingly sin.

((Quick edit: I do want to mention something as it bugged me after I was done with this review. The pages are written in an easy format on one page and so I am sure it would be very hard to make any of these subjects in-depth. It is very easy for kids to pick up and read on their own. And I think the shorter route the author took, would make it easy for even reluctant readers to pick it up to read a page.))
So YES, I definitely recommend this book. It gets 4 stars in my recommended reading.
And, I want to say a quick word (or a few) about the illustrations – CUTE – CREATIVE – COMICAL – Well; I just love them and the little captions that are next to them.

If you would like to read more about Crossway you can visit their site HERE or their Blog HERE.

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Crossway for letting me review this book. It has been a blessing to our homeschooling family. Thank you to Carolyn Larsen for writing this and other books for children (especially girls!)

I have been looking over their website and have found some other neat products that I am sure to check out soon. Next year we will be studying American History. It just so happens that Crossway has a series of books called “Young American Patriots”. I am looking forward to purchasing these books. I will let you know all about them as we read them.

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