Review: New Testament on MP3’s, Cool Product!

Word of Promise Next Generation
New Testament on
3 MP3 CD’s set – Over 23 Hours of Dramatic Audio Bible
Brought to you from the trusted Thomas Nelson Publishers

You are sure to love this MP3 set. We did. Let me tell you about it.
The audio recording is packed full of Hollywood actors that many of you may know.
The actors are dramatic and speak clearly. I would say it is geared mostly towards children, but as an adult I found it encouraging to listen to. I turned it on and let it play while I was cleaning and cooking. The set allowed me to “multi-task” during the day.

While listening one day, I had turned it off, and then I get a “Hey, what happened to the CD?”
My girls were listening to it and I didn’t even know it. They love it and find it to be very interesting. Kind of like listening to a movie. I did think there were a few times where the actors were “choked up” while speaking a few lines, so that made me wonder if they had studied the script much before performing. I also could not find where it said what version of the bible it was read from. Other than that I found it to be made wonderful and it is a great investment. I would recommend it to anyone, especially a family with children. Also, make sure to watch the Behind the scenes DVD that is included.

Visit the publishers website HERE to read more about the New Testament MP3 set.

I would like to Thank Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to review this MP3 set as a reviewer at

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