Review: Friendly Chemistry

About Friendly Chemistry:
Friendly Chemistry is a Guide to Learning Basic Chemistry.

(Copied from their site)
“Joey and Lisa are the homeschooling parents of 10 children, aged 1 year to 21 years. Joey has a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine and a masters degree in secondary and higher education curriculum and instruction. Lisa has a bachelors degree in veterinary science, a masters degree in elementary curriculum and instruction and has completed coursework towards her doctorate in education. Joey has taught science courses at the middle school and high school levels for over 20 years, as well as at the local community college level. Their children have been homeschooled since early childhood through high school.”

The course offers easy to use instructions, so easy a high school student can use it by them selves. My 12 year old can use it by her self as she is an independent studier. They offer loads of labs, easy labs using everyday household products safe for children to use.
There are 32 lessons that include Labs, Games, and Teaching Aides making this curriculum easy to teach.

How we used it:
We worked together, the 3 of us, on the lessons. We shared the worksheets and one person would fill them out. We did not do much of the games. My 9 year old had no problems keeping up, most of that coming from the fact that this course is fun and easy to follow. I am sure if it were hard to follow, she would not have wanted to do it. Plus since we did things together at leisure, I think it made it more fun. We did do this at leisure and not like “formal” class lessons. For the labs, they would get their swimming goggles on and kitchen aprons. They wanted to feel like a real scientist.
We did use this slowly and took our time on each lesson. We also did one lesson a week, sometimes stretching it out. This was because we have just been busy in general with our buying a house and moving. Plus, this is suggested for High school, and we are more middle school. But I really wanted to try it out because Dede wants to go to college to be a vet and I thought this would really help her out.

Over all thoughts:
We had lots of fun doing the labs which were really easy. I wish I had taken some pictures but I was not thinking of that at the time.
It is easy to follow, and with some extra guidance, a younger sibling can partake in the lessons if interested.
I found it, as a mom and teacher, easy to use and read. The instructions are clearly written.
The only thing is we did not try to focus on memorizing the periodic table, or much other memorizing either. I feel they still have plenty of time to memorize, so we I did not stress that with them. I just wanted them to have fun while trying out this curriculum.

We will use this curriculum more in-depth at a later time and not be so leisure about it. This way they will be some what familiar later on when we go more in-depth and start memorizing. I do really like it and it will be listed on my “top products” list of things I have reviewed for the Crew.

How much does Friendly Chemistry cost?Retail cost for one student edition is $75.00 (330pp, ring-bound). Retail cost for the teacher’s edition is $60.00 (300pp, ring-bound). Shipping to US addresses is FREE! Please contact us for a shipping quote if you reside outside the United States.
I think it is well worth the money as it is expansive and in-depth.

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