Review: Schleich Action Figures

Schleich Action figures or Schleich Collectors to me!

I will start by telling you a short story.

Dede came into the house one day after digging in the field next to us. She was excited to have found some little animal figurines in the mud in the field. She showed them to me, I looked and did not think any thing of it. Later it hit me, those were Schleich! I asked Dede to bring them to me so I could look at them and make sure. Sure enough, they were Schleich deer, meer cats, and a few others. I was excited and told her we were going to review some of these for TOS and would be receiving more in the mail soon. Both the girls were excited since every time we go to Tractor Supply they have to play with them.

So we were even more excited to receive some in the mail to review. So here is some background on the company.

Schleich is a German based company that has been in business since 1935. They started making the toys we see now in the 1950’s. They started off making comic figures like the Smurfs (from my childhood), Snoopy, and the Muppets.
Now they make lots of animals (farm, wildlife, forest), which we received to review, but they also make other neat figures like Knights (I am going to collect these for my medieval living room decor), fairies, American frontier, plants, and many more. Click HERE to see the product line. They also have playsets and accessories to go along with your figures.

All the figurines are hand painted and modeled after “real life” looking subjects. So no funny looking bugged eyed animals!

These are very sturdy. They are made tough for kids to play with, or you can collect them and set them up for looks.

They can be used in your school room for setting up reenactments for history projects or to just use your imagination.

I never pain much attention to these figures in Tractor Supply, but now I love them! They are sturdy enough to play with and they are life like enough to collect. I think everyone needs to have some in their home, and every school needs them for the classroom. So if you want to get some and donate to a child’s class and I know that teacher would be very appreciative. Or donate to a homeschool family.

I have never been shy about saying if something costs too much for what it is. These figures all have different prices, and they are very reasonable and not over priced at all.
The quality exceeds the price. So run out and get a few or order online.

To read other reviews from the crew go HERE.

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