Review: Home School in the Woods

I had heard some really great things about this next company, but have only recently learned about them. Home School In The Woods offers Hands-on Activity Paks. Home School In The Woods is a Christian company that bases their products on the Bible as literal. And that is very important to us as a family. We want our lessons and activities based on actual facts from the bible, including history. And since I started homeschooling, I have become very interested in history. I humbly state that I use to dislike history, even bible history was boring to me. So starting to home school has really changed all of us as a family and I am igniting a new love of history and this company is going to be a lamp into my new love of history. After trying out their products, I am now a new fan of Home School In The Woods and will be using more of their products next year in my teaching.

(If you notice I spell pack as pak! This is because the family who started the company, their last name is PAK. So don’t think I can’t spell!! LOL)

The Nitty Gritty:

We were given The New Testament Lap Book Activity Pak for reviewing, as a pdf.

Now normally my girls are not interested in doing Lap Books. So instead of making a lap book, we just did the activities and used our own idea’s for what to do with each project. But since we are in “packing mode” right now to move this coming weekend, we decided to do just a few activities. Plus, we have been studying the Old Testament so doing an activity pak on the New Testament is kinda confusing since we have to jump back and forth.
So, we picked out a few of the activities that we could do. We actually spent one Sunday doing the activities, coloring, cutting, gluing. I have included some pictures (see below) of our day long adventure.
The girls really enjoyed doing the activities and we discussed each activity as we done it. We would read the scripture and discuss what was the meaning. Especially on the Fruit of the Spirit. I pasted the basket on a piece of card stock and once we get moved and our new school room set up, we will attach it to a bulletin board so we can refer to it daily or often.
The Armor of God was more familiar so they, being girls, just had fun decorating their outfits as if they were models.
The Book of Parables, we printed the cover on card stock to make it more stable. We are going to use this as a bedtime story book.
I want to use this next year when we start a New Testament study, so I am really looking forward to using the full activity for next year. We will be able to take one activity at a time and make a unit study out of it. I am really looking forward to the 12 disciples activity and the scroll “newspaper” activity.
But to finish out this year, next month (after we settle in from moving), I am going to purchase the Old Testament Activity Pak, and I will share with you about that one.
But until then, check out more details on the Pak itself here.
Download: $18.95
CD: $19.95
Final Thoughts:
I am so excited about how the Home School In The Woods company is going to help me teach history and geography to all of us. This company is definitely on my top 5 list. I think this family is amazing. I am very impressed at how easy the activities were, and how easy it is to make a unit study out of them.
They have lots of other products that I am eager to try out. My creative side has resurfaced using this activity pak. My days of teaching preschool has come out, and makes me miss those days when we could do all the fun things, or at least when they wanted to do them with me. Dede is so independent that she does all her creative stuff on her own. But these activities she did with us. So that was a real blessing.

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