Happy Saint Patricks Day!

I originally thought I would do a little teaching on St. Patrick and how he brought the Christian faith to the pagan country of Ireland and how he saved this damned country from its wicked evil witch craft lifestyle. But I figured I have lots of packing to do and do not have much time to spend on it.

But I will say I hope my ancestors enjoyed this day in their time in County Cork, Ireland. I hope they listened to St. Patrick and came to the Christian faith and denounced their pagan witchcraft customs.

Gee, I am sounding a bit preachy. I guess because its late at night and I feel a little inclined to be blunt.

I hope my Callahan family in Kentucky have a blessed day! And also the McQuinn (or McQueen) family if they are out there. I wish I could trace them down, but its been virtually impossible as I can not find record of my Great Grandfather Arch McQuinn (or McQueen) in KY also. Both Irish heritage families coming together to produce my Grandma who died just last week. Her ashes will be spread in the Callahan Cemetery in KY in a few weeks. May she be dancing in heaven joyfully doing an Irish Jig that I some day will be dancing right beside her.


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