Review: Spellquizer Spelling Software Program

I am always looking for some thing to help with spelling for Kiki. She struggles with spelling words since she spells like she speaks, and she tends to speak with an accent.

So when I received this next item in my reviews, I was excited.
This next program is Spellquizzer. It is a downloadable software program that you put spelling words into and it then quizes your child.

How it works:
  1. You type in your words or you can import your spelling words or list from your computer
  2. You record your voice speaking each word if you have a mic
  3. You can also put in a sentence or phrase, this feature is helpful if you do not have a mic
  4. Then your child opens the program, listens to the word or reads your sentence or phrase
  5. The your child “spells” the word and the program lets them know if they got it right or not

You can also download spelling lists from the spellquizzer’s website if you would like a themed list. Like right now they have a St. Patricks Day List and also an Easter List, plus many more.
Here is a screen shot of when your putting in spelling words. Notice how simple it is. (click the screen shot to see more screen shots, they also offer video demo’s on this page)

What I thought:
When I first started working on this, I was really confused. I am sure the developer is now saying “how could she be confused?” Well, I was really confused because it was so SIMPLE! I kept thinking “there has to be more to this”. But there wasn’t, as you can see from the above screen shot.
To be honest, at first I thought the program was not as convenient for me since I was thinking it was easier to just say “copy these words a few times”. But what I did not think of was that Kiki could just get on the computer and us Spellquizzer on her own and I did not have to help her. Plus, she hates writing and the typing she likes better. While she is using Spellquizzer, she is getting extra typing practice. And I feel she gets enough writing practice with her copywork during other subjects so this also give her a break from handwriting.
The most work I had to do was take 5 or 10 minutes to add in some words that she is having trouble with. So there is not much time commitment for the teacher, parent, or adult.
One way I saved some time was having Dede enter words for her and doing the recording of the words. Also, I got an idea from one of the other reviewers to let her type in her own words. Of course this works if I write them down correctly first so she can copy it in correctly, which also helps with learning to spell the word correctly.
The only complaint I have is I think it is priced a little high. I would not purchase this for the price, especially while being on a strict budget.
The price is $29.95 with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. There is also a FREE 30 Day Trial.

System Requirements:
Runs on any PC using the Windows operating system (Vista, XP, 2000, ME or 98).If you have a Windows PC that is 10 years old or less SpellQuizzer will run on it with no difficulty.
To read what other Crew members have to say about Spellquizzer click HERE.

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