Review: Artistic Pursuits

My next review for you comes from Artistic Pursuits.
What a blessing this art curriculum was for Dede to use. It has definitely enhanced her skills and has enriched her knowledge of art (other than “she just likes to draw”).

The book we were sent to review was Artistic Pursuits The Elements of Art and Composition Book 1, for grades 4-6.

What I love most about the curriculum is that I handed it right to Dede and she took off. I didn’t have to do a thing. The other thing I loved, is the little bit of history in the lessons.

As you do each lesson you learn about many Artists, The Times (history), and techniques.
There are also student drawn pictures through out the lessons.

This is by far the best art curriculum or “how to” book I have seen. And believe me, we have quite a collection of “how to draw” books. Most only tell you or show you a pattern to draw (what line to draw next). None of those have been as interesting and complete as this one. And there are a series (listed below) that I hope to purchase in the future for Dede to continue to learn about what she loves to do best. This has truly made my top 5 list of curriculum.

This book not only shows you how to do it, but it tells you why! And all the technical terms, the Language of Art, you really should know if you are ever going to take professional or college classes. Not that they would need to after these lessons.

Dede wants to draw like Thomas Kinkade, and I believe after going through these lessons and I purchasing the higher level books for her, she will be an expert. Watch Out Thomas, Dede is on your heels!

Details you may be asking:

  • 16 Units of study (space, line and shape, rhythm, depth, and many more)
  • Techniques
  • Application
  • Supply list per unit for easy of gathering what you need (the list is small)
  • Media Types

What else does Artistic Pursuits offer: (these are clickable links)

Each one of those links will take you straight to a page that give you excellent details about what is offered in each book and example pages like the ones at the bottom of this post.

Please visit there site HERE.

Other contact information:
Artistic Pursuits Inc., 10142 West 69th Ave., Arvada, Colorado, 80004
PHONE (303)467-0504 FAX (208)567-4269


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