Review: Bible Story Songs

Do you like those worship songs that teach you scripture? I do. And I had the opportunity to review a children’s CD that will teach you and your bible stories through songs.

It is called Bible Story Songs and the CD we received is the
Matthew Volume 2 – I want to be Good Ground.
The CD is about 1 hour long of children singing songs of stories and scripture
from the book of Matthew Chapters 9-28 in 32 songs.
This is a good way for children, or adults to learn about
the Bible and its stories.
In between the songs is a short description
of what the next song is about.
The music is set to other familiar child songs and this
makes it easier to learn the words and sing.
There is also sheet music that you can purchase if your interesting
in playing the music your self.

What we thought!

Well, the girls were not so fond of it.
They are more into the contemporary style music like Toby Mac, KJ-52, and so on.
I personally found it catchy!
I feel it may be more geared toward younger children. It put me in mind of nursery rhymes for preschool. It sounds a lot like those kids worship songs.
So considering my girls are pre-teenish, I think this is too young for them.

I will keep it and listen to it my self because it is a positive and cheery CD.
And you never know if we will ever have a younger child who would enjoy and benefit from it.
I think it is worth the money and is no more expensive than other children CD’s.
So that brings me to the price!

There are also other books of the Bible available such as:
David (newest), Moses V1 & V2, Matthew V1 & V2, The Bible.

Happy Listening!

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