Product Review: Cadron Creek (Anne Of Green Gables)

Dede and I had the chance to try out a high school literature-based unit study based on one of her favorite books “Anne of Green Gables“.

This study is brought to you by Cadron Creek and is called “Where The Brook and River Meet“.

If your familiar with the book then you will recognise that the book is set in the Victorian Era. This unit study is based not only on the book but to teach your children all there is to know about the Victorian Era and what life was like around that time. And this study is a very meaty study, which I like because we want to learn in depth things not just topical basics.

When I say meaty it includes

  • notebooking
  • activities
  • memory work
  • reading with reading contracts
  • mapping
  • poetry
  • and much more

The subjects include:

  • Bible
  • English and Dictation
  • Fine Arts
  • Health
  • History and Geography
  • Grammar and Writing
  • Literature
  • Occupational Education

As with any unit studies, there are required resources and these are listed at the beginning of each chapter (lesson). There are also lists of topics and suggested activities that you can prepare a head of time to do.
One of the required resources that they sent for us to review was “Anne’s Anthology Following the Footnote Trail“. As soon as we received this in the mail Dede read the first 22 pages. She is thrilled with this study. And I also think it will help her to grow up into a fine lady with Anne as a wonderful example.

What I think personally:
Well, I was, still am, a bit overwhelmed as we are not use to big unit studies. As we are thrilled to have it, we were overwhelmed with all the “activities” to do. Now remind you that this is a high school level curriculum. Dede was tested and her comprehension level is 9Th grade. So who was the one overwhelmed? You got it, ME! She was wanting to just take off and start doing things all on her own. Luckily you are not required to stick with tasks at hand. You can do what you like and not do what you don’t feel you can for what ever reason.
You can tell there was a LOT of hard work and time that went in to this study. I feel so blessed that I had the chance to use it. I will say that it is one of those studies that I am going to have to put on the shelf for a year or two and is not one of those that I could do along with other curriculum. Or one other option is to take and use some of the other activities, science labs, notebooking, or any other ideas and incorporate in to our day, on an individual bases.
Overall, I believe that Margie Gray, the writer of this curriculum, has produced one of the meatiest unit studies I have seen. I just wished I would have picked a lower grade to review as I believe I would have used it this year and finished it next year. But this is the one Dede really wanted to do. So I picked it and now she just reads both the books we were sent. Yes she sits and reads the curriculum. Its amazing. This was our first attempt at a big unity study, we are use to traditional work books or making up our own study.
I want to thank Margie for giving us the opportunity to review this study. I know it is going to be a blessing to us over the next few years.
Please check out the study and other products from Cadron Creek by clicking HERE.
You can also see the pricing for the studies there.
And make sure you check out the other studies for the age you need.

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