Review: One2believe Noahs Ark

Hey!Just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about another product from One2believe.Remember the Nativity Set I told you about in October/December?You can read about it HERE if you don’t remember or if you did not get to read it the first time. There is a lot of information there so you should check it out to read more about the company there and on their website HERE. I am going to focus on the product at hand now!NOAH’s ARK!The Noah’s Ark set is part of the Tales of Glory figurine sets.The cost is $29.99and for that price I would have like to have seen a Mrs. Noah (Emzara according to the book of Jubilees, or Naamah according to the Jewish)The quality is good. I don’t see a problem with it lasting for years to come.They are made of durable PVC. They have happy expressions and they just give me a warm feeling inside. You also receive a booklet with a short version of the story.I did have an issue, my elephant came with a brokenhead. What they would do is mail out a new one to replace the broken one. I did not ask them to do that for me. I felt since they sent my the product to review for free that I would not ask for a replacement. Also, my girls are older and they are not going to be playing with this for very long so it will be up on a shelf for me to showcase. I know other reviewers had replacements sent to them right away. So I know the customer service is top notch. Our Ark, see pics below, had some visitors. The characters from the Nativity Set came on board for a ride. We also, to show you how much I like the products, went to the store and purchased more figurines. We purchased David, Goliath, Jesus, and Moses. That is how much I love these products and the company. If I were you I would look into them. And check out our pictures. The girls decided to tie a string around the Ark and pull it around the kitchen floor. As they did the big sea creature (the cat or the Kracken from the Pirates movie) would attack and try to sink the Ark. But the Ark was unsinkable, unlike the Titanic. They had a lot of fun and its worth buying products from this company. They are good quality and I think, overall,the pricing is right for what it is.

If you would like to know more facts about Noah’s Ark

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