Review: Story Builders

Story Builders is a fun concept for learning how to write creatively from WriteShop!

I not only had purchased these in the past to use, I also received a new set for reviewing.

Mad libs, Do you remember those? They give you paragraphs and sentences and you have to put an adjective, verb, or noun in the blank. Then you get these funny stories. Well, that’s kinda what these are like to me and that is how we played around with this.

The elements to this fine writing program are:

  • cards you print on to card stock (or paper but they will not be as sturdy) with 4 separate categories
  • teaching about the different styles of writing, descriptive, narrative, and informative
  • easy e-book format so you do not have to wait for it to come in the mail

What you do:

  • following the directions you pick certain numbers of cards from each of the decks
  • then you put them together to get your creative juices flowing to write a story
  • you can also time your children and give them a set time to write
  • there are other fun options like a game or poetry

I think this program is a lot of fun. Dede loves to write and this program opens up a world of imagination for children.
The Christmas mini builder set, well, it can add a world of laughter to your life. Who wouldn’t have fun and laugh at stories about elves, candy canes, and a gingerbread man? This is the set we used mostly.
I also purchased a plastic recipe box to hold my cards in. I found it easy to store and not lose my cards.

I think this is a lot of fun and I think you will enjoy it.
The costs for the storybuilders sets are $7.95 and they come in these “topics”

  • World of People StoryBuilders (e-book)
  • World of Animals StoryBuilders (e-book)
  • World of Sports StoryBuilders (e-book)
  • StoryBuilders Christmas Mini-Builder (e-book)

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