Review: All About Homophones

Are you looking for a fun way to teach Homophones?

I had the chance to review another great product from the maker of All About Spelling!

This time it’s called All About Homophones!

You know those words like:

  • might & mite
  • peal & peel
  • hey & hay
  • tea & tee

    This is a complete and full in-depth curriculum about Homophones.

I really like the graphics on the worksheets. They are not typical plain pictures that I find in a lot of e-books.

There are games, puzzles, fun worksheets, organizing. There is everything you need to teach your children.

I used The Homophone Machine and it was hilarious. You put a sentence in the “original” block and then hit the convert button and it will turn your sentence into a homophone sentence. For example my sentence I typed in was “I am making bread from scratch.” and it converted my sentence to say “Eye am making bred from scratch.” It is pretty funny I think. The other sentence I tried was “My dog received a hair cut.” and it was converted to say “My dog received a hare cut.”

~~~~~I was working on this entry when I received this email today with some exciting news. So I have decided to go ahead and post this now.
Here it is:

1. We lowered the price of the printed book to $29.95. The e-book is at $27.95. We think home schoolers will appreciate this lower pricing!

2. And this is the big news: to celebrate the launch of All About Homophones, your readers can get $10 off any order at! To receive the discount, visitors to the site need to enter “FUN” in the customer code box during checkout. The coupon code is good for one week, through February 2, 2009.


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