Houses Houses Houses Part 2

I am so tired of looking at houses. We are narrowing it down, since nothing new has hit the market and I think we have looked at EVERY house on the market in our price range. I am getting so depressed from all this. I can’t really find anything I really really like. I feel like I am settling. I know I wont find some thing that has everything I want. But I do expect it to “move” me in some degree. Nothing we have seen really has. Those that have there is something wrong with it, that at least one of us is not willing to deal with.

This has been a roller coaster ride. I just want to get something or stay were we are. But staying here is really not an option.

So I will keep you updated as things progress. We might put an offer in on a house in the next day or two.

Lord, please keep me sane during this trying time. I am sure you are putting me through this for a reason (nervous laughing). I am sure your teaching me something! AMEN!

Blessings to all!

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