Houses Houses Houses!

So many houses we have looked at, put offers in on. That last one, the bank took another offer because it was a conventional loan instead of a FHA loan which is what our loan is. Too many techincal things. We are looking at mostly foreclosures since you can get them for a steal.

So this is the next house we are interested in. It has lots of updating and work to it. Its livable, but needs to be brought into the 21st century. Its 20 years old, and it looks like it on the inside. But with some paint and creative wall knocking outs, it can be brought up to par. I know some people would be made, but if we get this house, I am painting over the dark wood trim. Normally I would think its very classy and I know its in high end homes. But with a farm house style home with low 8 foot ceilings, it just closes the house in. I want a bright open feeling. So I am painting the wood work white like normal white trim. I will be decorating in a country cottage feel and I would like a brighter house so I don’t feel so closed in. Since color does effect my mood, I need brighter colors. I love rustic natural woods, but not with the 8 foot ceilings! So please don’t lecture me on why I should leave the wood work. I did see a picture on how to do the stair case so I will only be painting the spindles IF I paint it at all. I love the stair case, its my favorite thing in the house.

So here is the house! Hey, do all those little people in the pictures come with the house?

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