All Natural Cleaning!

I have picked up some ALL Natural Recipes from all over the wonderful World Wide Web!

I want to share some of my favorites, which I have been using and can attest for how well they work. But hey, if they didn’t work for me then I would not share with you and ruin my reputation. If I have kept track of were they came from I will let you know but mostly, I have went to so many webpages and have added or changed them to fit me that I just can’t say were they all came from. I will try to compile a list later.

I have reworked some of the recipes to fit me and my life style, or just out of laziness. I have saved some money with these. I have a recipe for fabric softener which I will share but I don’t use a lot because of Dede seeming to have an intolerance to about everything these days. I think she needs a detox or something.

So here goes my list and how I use them.

Laundry Detergent:
½ cup washing soda or ¼ cup
½ cup borax
1 cup graded bar of soap
Can add drops of lavender oil

I use one part washing soda to one part borax. This works wonderful and my whites are very white and my clothes smell clean. Some times I use the Hugo bar soap that I get at Whole Foods, but I mostly do not add the soap. I have tried the lavender drops but Greg is not a fan of the strong smell. Some people may be concerned about clogging when using powder. I have a front loader and I have no problems with clogging as I add ¼ cup per load or ½ cup for towels and sheets.

Laundry Care:

Fabric Softener:
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup baking soda
2 cups distilled water
10 drops essential oil
(First mix white vinegar and baking soda very slowly
until the fizzing stops.)
¼ cup per load

Good Luck with this one! Besides Dede’s intolerance, I am not as patient as some to do this so I just don’t use fabric softener or I just use dryer sheets some times.

Spray Stain Remover:
½ cups borax
white vinegar in 32oz spray bottle
can add lemon juice
Let sit on stain for 15 minutes
Again, I am lazy with this one. But I rarely have stains I have to deal with as washing alone with the above Laundry Detergent recipe works wonders.

Natural Cleaning Recipes

Dish Detergent:
1 cup borax
1 cup baking soda
¼ cop salt
¼ cup citric acid
30 drops citrus essential oil
Mix well and add 1 tablespoon per load
Not tried this one.

Rinse Aide:
White Vinegar in compartmentTrying this tonight so I will let you know how it does later.

Antibacterial & Antiseptic Sprays:

1. 20 drops essential lavender oil or eucalyptus oil
1 cup distilled water
(this also kills mold and mildew spores)
This I use with the Lavender Oil. I also use it to spray on my curtains, pillows, bedding, or what ever as a fabric spray. Greg thinks it stinks but then again he does not like lavender and does not care about its relaxing properties. See recipe below for more details on fabric linen spray.

General Cleaning:
Tea tree oil
Distilled water

I could use this as I have tons of Tea Tree Oil from Melaleuca.

White Vinegar rids smellsYeah Right! Maybe on light smells, but it has never worked for me cleaning the cat litter pans.

Linen Spray:
1 teaspoon lavender oil
5-10 drops peppermint, spearmint,
or rosemary oil, optional
2oz 80proof vodka or rubbing alcohol (preserves oils, prevents spotting)
24oz distilled water
Shake well before each use
I don’t add the vodka or alcohol as I don’t spray it on any thing that spotting would happen or that I would care if it happened.

Personal Care Recipes

Lavender Powder Deodorant or body powder:
½ cup cornstarch
¼ cup powdered lavender flowers
¼ cup powdered rose petals
1 tablespoon zinc oxide powder
½ teaspoon lavender oil
10 drops rose oil optional
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl or food
processor. Add oil slowly to mix well.
Good for one year.
Have not tried this one but I want to. Seems easy enough if I could find the ingredients easy at the market. Honestly, I just forget to add them to my shopping list.

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