Sickness, Lotions, and Decorating OH MY!

Yuck! I thought I was doing good on not getting sick. I wash my hands good, especially after going in public places. I don’t touch anything I don’t have too. Greg is a germ a phobia and so I am picking up on those habits.
Now I am coming down with something. We have been looking at foreclosure houses and most have electricity off and so its really cold in these places. My bones get chilled and get achy. I just hate the winter more and more every year. I tolerate the cold less and less.

Luckily the girls have not been sick. So that’s a blessing! But they normally don’t get sick unless its a short thing or a minor cold. Well, now that I think about it, Kiki had a fever a month or two ago but not really winter related. We have had a few days of the blahs were we just didn’t feel like getting off the couch.

But I just wanted to remind everyone to use your hand sanitizer and wash your hands. And it wouldn’t hurt to bundle up, unless you live were its warm, like mom in Florida or Robin in Arizona. Oh and my dad in Arizona. But I don’t think he reads this.

Oh, and lotion is always good right now. With winter comes dry skin. So I am using lots of Renew Lotion from Melaleuca. Great stuff! My lips feel a little chapped so I will be breaking out the chap stick today. I think I may have some tropical flavor to remind me of the beach.

You know I don’t really like laying on the beach, I like the ocean. I like the fish and ships, not fish and chips! But I also like the mountains and cabins. But mostly I like a country feel. Like a country cottage with flower and veggie gardens and apple pie! I use to like Fall but now I like Spring best. Isn’t it amazing how your likes and dislikes change. Like my decorating style. I have done so many decorating changes that I may have found a style I like most, one that is calming and bright. What style is that? I tried the sophisticated traditional style, but it was too dark and stuffy. I am a fun person and I like to have fun and be casual. I want a room I can sit in and relax yet be energized not depressed. I like old world, but how do you brighten that up? I like old world for my kitchen and dining room. But I also like rustic and antiquey type stuff to an extent.
I think I may be boring you as I talk out loud. You probably did not even read down this far. My grammar and bad spelling probably chased you away. I don’t grammar check these posts. I just talk from the heart, that’s me, what you read is what you get.

But I will finish now. We will be going to look at a house today in a few hours. I hope I can make it a nice country cottage feeling house with my flower garden and my tomato garden!

Enjoy the Blessing’s the Lord has given you! I am counting mine for the New Year!

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