Decorating and HGTV Video’s

These are some of my favorite video’s from HGTV ( my fave TV station)

They are giving me some good inspiration for our new house, when we ever find one.

If I knew how to embed them on here I would.

Here is an article on choosing a color:

I took this Style Quiz and my style was country cottage. Imagine that! On the last question I teeter tottered over the A answer and the B answer, and I went with the A answer. If I would have went with the B answer then my style would have been Old World Style.

Here is my Kitchen Style

2. Love those tear-jerkers? Have a soft spot in your heart for little bunnies? You are the romantic among us, home is where the heart is, as the saying goes and the heart of the home is the kitchen.
You fell for number 2? You’re ROMANTIC
You, old softie that you are, need to surround yourself with plushness and visual bounty. Unfortunately, these qualities are of short supply in your basic woodsy, hard-edged kitchen design.
In order to give the romantic in you free reign, think of the soft goods in the space; the dining chair cushions drapery, place mats, and, here’s a romantic-tip, how about a little bling at eye level over the kitchen sink, maybe crystal beads glistening in the sun on your window treatments. Makes doing dishes a lot more romantic, doesn’t it?
Incorporate the colors of romance. Golds, silvers, taupe grays, misty greens and — Queen of Hearts that you are — reds. Sumptuous colorations combat the harshness of the acres of wood and miles of window glass found in kitchens. This helps to keep the design balanced in terms of “materials mix,” while providing for your special touches that make a house a home.
Adding truly important accent pieces, with deep meaning for you, or family photos taken at favorite vacation spots, will create fond memories in your kitchen and warm the cockles of your heart.
Think too of romantic eras in history such as French 18th Century, or perhaps, Hemmingway’s Spain, a silent Japanese rock garden awash in spring-like colors or a romantic mountain hideaway. All of these will make the heart glow, the simple question is, which one makes your heart go pitty-pat!

I am done rambling for the day. I may post my environmentally friendly stuff I have drafted. I feel like I am catching up on all those things I have wanted to post, but been too busy or lazy to do it. Since this is my blog, I think I should start spending time writing here.

I have been experimenting with some different backgrounds in case you have noticed I have changed them a lot. I am trying to find that perfect “bright and happy” background. So you may see it change some more. I am also trying to figure out how to make my own, not going well!


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