Review: KinderBach

KinderBach is a fun and cute way for your little tots to learn how to play piano (and you).

There are lots of bright colors, games, coloring, and a pleasant teacher with a soft and loving voice.

I must say, I thought this program was cute. But it was a bit too cute for my older girls, as they were just not interested. Though, they did do a few lessons to help me out on the review. Dede said if she were in preschool she would enjoy it more. At least she gave it a shot. Its simple enough anyone can do it.

One day when my sister in law and nephew were over, I let him try it out. He is 6. His mom did some dancing with him and I also printed out a coloring page to help him remember were the donkeys, (Dodi is his name), house is. He had fun doing the few lessons.

You can give it a try as the first set of lessons, weeks 1 & 2, is free! YAY!

And you get a NO RISK 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

They also offer a parents section, shopping, learning center, all the things you need to get going and stay going.
There is even a section were kids can go in and play games and color, and this is extra repeated printables to the games and coloring during the lessons.
There is even a section on songs and you can buy e-songbooks.

I know this is a shorter review but it is such a great product that I had to share with you.

If you want to know what others are saying click HERE.

To learn more click HERE or on a link above. They offer online or dvd lessens.

Till Next Time!

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