Soon it will all be over!

HA! Thank GOD! The holiday’s and all the craziness will be over.

Christmas was fun, or as about as fun as it gets. I personally am so tired of Christmas every year, and Thanksgiving. Too much drama and noise.
The older I get, the less noise I like. The more I change. And change is a good thing. I worry less about what others think of me, homeschooling, what I believe in, and so on.

We are on the hunt for a new home. We canceled the contract on the other house. So we are on the prowl, looking for a house were I can have my tomato garden, watch nature, have piece and quiet (reality check: I have kids who are noisy) and it would be nice if I could have a few other things like my dwarf bunnies, maybe a few chickens or a goat or sheep. All those country things I like. I can get the bunny were ever I live, but to have an outdoor hutch set up (predator safe) for day time out side fresh air and then inside home on some hardwood flooring so I could litter train. Having the girls do a 4h thing or just show and breed would be a good learning experience for them.

But any who….

I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here, alive! Not just doing reviews, which seems to be my only thing I can fully accomplish, and that’s not even in a timely manner some times LOL!
I am happy to slow things down now so I can enjoy the life that God has blessed me with and start focusing back on school and less on holiday activities.
Though I do have Kiki’s 9th birthday in January so I will be planning that. She is thinking a pink pirate party. My little tomboy! Just like me! Gotta love it!

Ok, I am off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz,
blah blah blah blah!


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