Product Review: Puppetools

Hello All!

I wanted to share a tool with you. It is about puppets and using them for educational purposes.
This tool is called Puppetools.

I have mixed feelings about this service. So I will give you the details and my “opinion” and let you decide if its something you would like to explore for your home school family.

My Opinion:
I think this website does serve a purpose for some people. I think its really geared more towards school use and not so much home use. But that is not to say a home user could not have success with it. I definitely think they can. We did not. My children are older and though we did try it out, they just were not interested. I think its perfect for preschool age, or a bit older.
There are wonderful resources on the site. I did not think the website was to hard to maneuver, though I did see that others had some trouble. But I find my self to be more close to an expert at finding my way around websites because I do want to learn everything I can.
I feel, and I may be wrong, but this website is more towards using the puppets in an educational manner, not just about how to make a puppet. I think some are not seeing this side of it. I mean, what preschooler would not want to be taught by a puppet? Don’t they all like to talk and learn from puppets and puppet shows. Sure this website has lots of patterns to use, and yes you can find lots of patterns on the web for free. But that is not what this website is all about to me. There is a purpose other than just making a puppet. There are video’s that show you how to incorporate the puppets in to your teaching, and there are many idea’s.

The Details:
What you receive on this website:

  • Teacher Puppets
  • Student Puppets
  • Idea’s on how to incorporate puppets in to your teaching
  • PDF Puppet Patterns
  • Video helps such as Journal Writing, Story Telling, Puppets in Special Education, and more
  • Special Hinge (for the mouth part) Mechanism discovered by the creator

If you like puppets then I would suggest to check out this website. There is a lot of information you can find on here that could be helpful to you.
To Subscribe go HERE
60 Day Trial: $20.00
One Year: $99.00
There is talk that the creator is setting in to place a cost for individuals for $20.00 for a year. This is not yet listed on the site as that may take some time. I will update when I see that this has been posted.
Till next time!

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