December Module for The Old Schoolhouse Planner!

planner from The Old Schoolhouse Store.

Now I am going to tell you about the December Module that I am excited about. The girls love science and this months module is all about science!

There is:

  • How to make ice cream in a baggie
  • The five “states” of matter
  • How to make your own weather chart
  • The systems of the human body
  • How to create your own “gross garden” (doing this one this weekend, will post pics!!)
  • What “oobligook” is ( we have made this in the past years ago, its a lot of fun, we made it on a large scale and put it in a rubber maid container and tried to walk on it)
  • How you can help to take care of the wonderful world God has given us by reducing trash, reusing what you can and recycling anything else
  • The science behind tasting your favorite food


  • meteorology,
  • grossology, (our favorite)
  • biology,
  • chemistry and more

I love my planner pages and I love most of the modules (some I am just not interested in, they are all good quality). I love this planner especially because it is all science. We love experiments and this e-book is full of them. We are going to make crystals with pipe cleaners, glowing jell-o which I don’t want to eat LOL.
But for the cook in your house, Kiki in ours, there is cookies, chicken, and a casserole (with out the green peppers for Greg) to make.

The Nitty Gritty!

And you do not have to have the planner to enjoy this module. It is worth the fun and laughs! And believe me you will laugh!

If you want to know what other reviewers are saying click HERE.

Till Next Time!

I have wrote to you before about the awesome

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