Niki’s Time 4 Learning Chronicles: Part 2

This is my final thoughts on the Time 4 Learning online program. My thoughts have not really changed. The only exception is the girls have gotten bored. I am not sure if its the program or the time of year. They are getting excited about Christmas and the grand parents coming. So this is probably what is going on, but they are choosing to do the work books from before we started reviewing home school products. I think because they finish them fast so they can do other things. I really don’t think it has any thing to do with the program as they love doing the lessons and seeing their progress. 

 We love this program and my girls did not want to get off the site and would do the “me first” every morning. We have enjoyed the bright colors and animation. The lessons are well thought out. It was a lot of fun. At least I think so! I enjoyed the dinosaur lessons the best, (even though they are evolution based). But I love dino’s and you just need to be grounded in your creation knowledge on dinosaur’s. ( You can visit Answers in Genesis or Dr. Dino, depending on your beliefs. )

In my
last review blog post I had mentioned scheduling lessons and I had not figured it out. Well, that function is for schools to use. So what I did was for each subject I wanted them to do, I would just say for example: “Do Math for 20-30 minutes and check in with me”. That worked for us. Since I keep a planner, I just jot in a brief description of what we did for that day.
Over All Thoughts and Opinions:

We have enjoyed our free chance to use this program. I originally stated that I was considering extending my membership. Right now I am not sure at this point. For us I have better control over the work book curriculum. If I do make my membership a paying membership when my review time is over, I will use it mostly for the math and possibly a few subjects and lessons. Yes, you can chose to only do certain lessons. You are not restricted to doing any subjects or lessons. You can choose what you want to do. I think that is a wonderful feature. 

I think over all this is an excellent product for families who would like this type of program. Its easy to use. You get “up to date” information on tests and quizzes by going into your child’s account and clicking on the back pack.

I have not personally used their normal customer service. But if its anything like the communication I have had with Jennifer as my review contact, you are in excellent hands. She has been pleasant and informative.

I know for some of you, the science will be an issue. As its secular and evolution based. I would suggest just skipping this subject. There is a forum for Christians, but I personally would like to stay away from that. I read some of the posts, but I prefer to stay away from forums who have both secular and christian views. There always seems to be debating or arguing on theology come up at some point in time. So I prefer not to be involved.

I think the curriculum is full and in depth over all. My girls enjoyed it. They learned some things which is a good thing. LOL
I think everyone should at least look into this program. It is an excellent resource.  I believe the cost is also decent. 

So here is the break down on cost:
monthly membership fee is: $19.95
for each additional child is: $14.95 
At the time of sign-up, a recurring monthly payment is set up. 
Members can cancel at any time.
Quarterly Payment instead of monthly: Paying quarterly reduces the monthly fee from $19.95 to $14.95 for each child. 
Annual Plan: If you pay for twelve months at once, your fee is only $169.95 for each child. 

They offer a risk free trial that you can look at HERE to see the home school information.
I would check it out and see if its right for your family. It is a lot of fun.

Extra Program
I also want to share with you another program that this company offers. Its called Time4Writing.  
This program helps with
  • Sentence Writing
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Writing for SATs and other standardized tests
I am looking more in to this program for later in the year for Dede. She loves to write stories and I think this program would be good for her. 
They are offering this 8 week course for $99 with a two week money back guarantee.

So go check these out. You wont be disappointed. 
If you want to know what other TOS Reviewers are saying go HERE!

**For alternative payments, they accept checks, PayPal or money orders.**
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