Product Review: Spears Art Studio

Spears Art Studio is a really neat art curriculum. I have found some really neat ideas. Deidra really enjoys art and she is happy to have this program to go along with her drawing materials she already has.

Now this program is written with lesson plans for home schooling and private schools, for kindergarten through high school. But I did not use the lesson plans, which proves you can make the program work for you in your needs.

Now I feel it important to mention the mission statement from Spears Art Studio. I don’t usually copy and paste, but I felt it important to do this one time.


1. to recognize the hand of God in everything and to give Him glory;

2. to reconnect the Lord as the Supreme Artist to the process and excitement of

learning for both children and educators through the study and activity of art;

3. to provide resources for the Christian educator that:

a. help students make connections between the Creator, creativity, and personal


b. are organized for natural learning progression;

c. provide experiences for higher order thinking skills;

d. “stretch” academic and manipulative skills;

e. introduce students to famous artists and artworks incorporated into a seasonal

and/or art elements/principles arrangement of art and craft production.

The company is an affiliate of Dick Blick art materials. This make me feel more comfortable about Spears. As I have ordered painting supplies from Dick Blick in the past for Deidra and am was very pleased with the customer service I received.

Some of the things I like, and I am sure most of you will also, is the scriptural references that go along with the lesson and art project. Included in the lessons are contemporary art, landscaping, life, abstracts, and reproductions.

They cover lots of learning aspects such as hand eye coordination, patterns, asymmetry, symmetry, and a variety of other concepts.

Spear also offers a course in Calligraphy, as well as Children’s Literature Comprehension Guides. I have my eye on the guide for Mr. Poppers Penguins! That’s a hint for a Christmas present.

Please enjoy our slide show. One of the projects we did was a fruit bowl. The original plan was to use old scraps of wall paper. Since we are not wall paper people and we have tons of fabric scraps, we used fabric instead. That was an easy change we made.

And for Thanksgiving, we did some projects with the children. We made Indian head dresses and warrior shields with the pictographs from the lesson plans in November. We easily modified the projects to fit our needs. And it was nice to have the children learn something with out even knowing it and they had so much fun drawing “indian language”(thats what they called it) on their shields!

Till next time!
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