Reveiw: School Side Press Book: The Little Man in the Map

When you look at a map of the United States of America, do you see a little man? After looking over this next product, I will never look at a map the same way. Now when I look at a map, the little man in the map, Mim is his name, looks right at me. Schoolside Press has a really cool and fun way to learn were all the states are on a map.

I always wondered how a meteorologist remembered all the states. I mean I can name most but since I don’t use that everyday in my life I will forget. But after this book I don’t think I will be forgetting any time soon. As a child I would on occasion try to use symbols or pictures to help me remember certain things. And this book does that. It also uses little rhymes. Each state represents an object and they all fit together like a puzzle. Through the whole book, Mim, the little man in the map, is teaching your children. He is lots of fun. There are a few “magical” references. I don’t usually let my girls do or watch or read magical things to a certain extent. This is not one of those things I would exclude. Its not as if Mim is off casting spells. He comes alive out of the map. Above all, this product makes it easy and fun to learn the states. Especially for the child who struggles. Or the adult who struggles. It uses your imagination, and imagination is what helps a child learn most of the time.This product is definitely one of those products that I am glad I received to review. I don’t think I could live with out it as a supplement. I love maps. I have them hanging all over my school walls. Little ones and big ones. This will also be one of the books I show case in the Library section. The only complaint I have is they should have sent the wall map for me to review! (Hint Hint!)

They also have a download for some extra fun!
Product Costs:

The book is a good price at $19.95

The wall map is priced at $21.95

The combo price, both items, is $35.00

They are well worth the price in my humble opinion!Some mentionables:

Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Foreword Magazines Book of the Year Award Finalist

ndependent Publisher Book Awards

So you know this book is good!

A word from the reader Dede age 11:

“I am looking forward to using this book when we start doing our geography studies in the new year. Can you write one about Asia? I love Asia, it would be cool to learn were all the countries are in Asia.”

Till Next Time!
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