Review: All About Spelling

I am very excited about this product. It is called All About Spelling. I am truly happy about this product as it has helped us tremendously. Kiana was into doing this program. This is one were we will continue to use it through out the school year. She loves it that much.

This program does have lots of cutting out of word cards, alphabet and so on. We also purchased a little card box to keep track of all the cards. They give you dividers so you know were to put the cards. So be prepared for some easy prep work. It is not hard so don’t worry! I also want to mention that the lesson plans are written out easily and in my opinion, short. As I hate long instructions. That will defer me from using a product really fast.

We started off with Level 1. There are a total of 4 levels available now with more to come.

We breezed through lessons 1-12. We did this as a refresher course. Then we decided to start with Lesson 13 and take it slow. Kiana is a very kinesthetic hands on learner. So this worked perfect for her. The cards (alphabet, sllyables) onto a magnetic board or table is fine. We used a magnetic white board.

In this picture Kiana is counting “sounds” with the tokens.

In order to add this to our day, we did do away with our other spelling curriculum. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get through a lesson. Depending on your child you could take less time or more time if needed. One of the things we love is she can do her spelling words right on the board. In reality, Kiana can spell these words but she has trouble pronouncing certain sounds. Like with much, she would spell it “mutch” because when she says it she puts the ‘t’ in there. This program is tackling this challenge she has with her pronunciation.

This is being covered in every lesson. There is review and building on what she has already learned. I believe the concepts are taught in the perfect order for her to remember and implement in her everyday writing.

I really cant come up with anything I am unhappy about with this program. It is well thought out and is so easy to implement in your day. We like to spend a little more time on our Language Arts with Kiana because this is the subject she struggles with. She use to hate Language Arts, but with this program and a few others we are doing, she loves it now. We have fun and laugh while learning.

This program is a blessing to us and I know it could be a blessing for you. It is not a big investment either. I would expect to pay a lot more for this program. So here are the logistics. I am only showing you the information for level 1. You need to check out the other levels if you need something for an older child.

  • Price: level 1 is $29.95
  • Additional Material Packet (for extra child): $12.95
  • Letter Tiles, necessary item must have: $9.95
  • Magnets for letter tiles, to use with magnetic board: $5.95
  • Phonogram Audio CD-ROM: $14.95

Order Now!

Till Next Time!

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