Book Review: The Missing Link: Found by Media Angels

Do you like CSI: Miami? We love CSI: Miami. Horacio Cane is our favorite! We love cop and FBI TV shows and crime movies. Like James Bond and Oceans and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (written with us in mind )

Let me tell you about a great little book that we really enjoyed. It was written by a homeschooler. How cool is that. So it should be really good RIGHT? The book is available from Media Angels and its called The Missing Link: Found . They focus on Creation Science which is what makes the company so amazing to me. The book is $8.99 and is very worth every penny. Right now they are having a special. You can get the whole series for just $22.00. Its a great deal.

Well the book started right off on some cool and exciting action. We used the book as a read aloud, so we were all glued to the pages. We were picturing Horacio, Agent Wolfe, Agent Delko, and my personal favorite Agent Calleigh commandeering the boat at the beginning.

There was a shoot out, and bullets were flying. And 2 kids being nosy and almost getting shot. The action was great. The kids were a little disobedient and the parents not up on discipline though.

The book did start to slow down, as all the good action was at the beginning. There is the science part of the story. Their uncle had unearthed something but he gotten sick and was in the hospital. So the kids had to be good examples and supportive of their cousin who believed in evolution.

You may be wondering how the kids kept their Christian faith and faith that creation is real. You will have to read the book to find out how it all turns out. You wont be disappointed.

I found the book to be very entertaining. Its not a literature rich book. There are some editing issues but to me this is not important because you will find those types of mistakes in major books also. What makes it even better for us is that this was the effort of a homeschool girl. Especially since I have an 11 year old who loves to write stories. So I kept an open mind and looked at this book as a mom who has a child writer. I wasn’t overly picky and I did not set the standards high like I would for an adult book.

I am looking forward to purchasing the rest of the series.

I wanted to share with you something else about Media Angels. They have online classes. I have not personally done the classes but I plan on doing them. I have heard they are great and others have really enjoyed them. You can learn more about them HERE.

I look forward to sharing more with you. I have tons more reviews that I am working on so come back soon for some more. I am in the process of writing and also previewing some items. Lots in the works. I am happily busy on them.


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