Website Review: Rime To Read Reading Program

Did you know Rime is a word? Are you wondering if its Rhyme? Well, its not. And here is the definition of both:

RIME: words that sound alike AND look alike. For example: the at in Pat, cat, sat.

RHYME: words that sound alike but not always look alike. For example: care, hair, where.

Kiki has always been a struggling reader so I was happy to have been blessed with these books to review. They use a color coded system, like I used about in the definition of Rime. This makes it easier to learn how to pronounce the words. If they look alike they most sound alike.

This is how the program works. You have 2 choices on how to read the books. You can print them out and give them to your child. Or you can do what we did. We read ours online. And they are working on the sound feature so if your child needs help with a word s/he can click the color coded word and have the word read to them.

Since both my girls already know how to read, we could not use the program to teach reading. I can say that Kiki loved reading them. It helped her with going back to basics and reinforcing her skills that she was struggling with. She started off reading and went from one book to the next. The books do have more words added as you go through them so you will want to do them in order.

She also loved to turn the pages and play with them. To turn the pages you can click the big arrows or use the little turn downs in the corners of the page. She thought it was fun making the pages go back and forth. But that’s my girl, if she cant have fun she wont enjoy it.

So now you may be wondering how to get this wonderful program. You need to go to their website. But before you go I want to let you know you get one free trial book. The program has a total of 20 books. And your child can reread them over and over. That helps build that proper foundation by reinforcing.

If you want to know more you can visit their faqs as there is so much information there that I could not possibly share it all with you. There may be specific questions you may have that I can not answer since I did not use this program as a learning to read tool. I used it as a reinforcement.

Visit Rime To Read right now to get started!

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