Review: One2believe The Nativity Set

I love that slogan! It’s so fitting for this Christian Toy website called One2believe. As we are to put on our armor of God. And these toys have their armor on and they want to win back the toy box!

I specifically wanted to talk to you about one particular product, The Nativity Set. It is the cutest, funniest, creative set I have seen. No vegetables here! Real life looking people, well cartoon looking people.

The colors are vibrant. The faces are happy. Even baby Jesus has a sweet happy face. Not like all those drabby nativity sets. You say “Ok we get the point. It’s cute. What about fun!”

My little sweeties just had to open this right away when it came in the mail. I loved the packaging so much I didn’t want to open it. But they couldn’t wait. They carefully opened the box. Then Dede took out each character and placed them all in a spot. All the time Kiki was asking when is she gonna get to play because Dede was hogging it. I was thinking Dede, at 11, would not want to play with this. I knew Kiki, at 8, would want to play with it. So that surprised me. As a reminder, this set is made of pvc and smaller children should not be aloud to put it in the mouth. There is an age limit of 3+ for this reason.

There is a little book telling of the story of Jesus’ birth. It’s a small size perfect for smaller hands. The story is easy to read.

We saved the background from inside the box to use as a back drop for this Christmas. I am very happy that I received this nativity set to review. I had to throw the old one away last year since it had been played with so much over the years it was falling apart. This one, I have faith in it, will last us many years.

They also have a program to earn Bible Bucks. Each product has points on the box that are called Bible Points or Bible Bucks.

There are even some coloring pages, wall papers coming soon, stories, and a extra point coupon for 3 points on the site.

I hope your as excited about this Nativity Set as I! I hope you can get excited about winning back your toy box for Christ! This site gives me a reason to clean out all those old secular toys. I have my eyes on the P31 dolls.

I also want to mention they have another program. It’s called Blessed Toys. They have distributers called Messengers and you can search for one in your area. They also offer a fundraising program. I think I may look more into becoming a Messenger! What a blessing you could be to others by offering safe Christian products from home, and earn some Christmas money!

Have Fun and Till Next Time!

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