UPDATE: On my review for Help Me To Teach Website

I wanted to give an update on my review. Apparently I was not the only person wanting Christian links added to the website. So, Elaine, the owner, listened to all of us at the TOS Crew!

Before checking the site out again, I gave her some time to add lots of links.

Well, Elaine has done it. The site is full of Christian links now. I think she has done a wonderful job accommodating those who are Christians and those who are not, or those who do not have a preference.

Thank you Elaine! You have done a wonderful job!

Website Review: Help Me To Teach

Need help finding activities for your school day? Want safe websites were you dont have to worry about content being inappropriate?

Well I may have found something to help you out.

Website: Help Me To Teach Directory for Teachers, Students, and Parent

Web Site Address: http://www.helpme2teach.com/index.php
Price: 3 Days: $4.95

1 Month: $9.95

3 Months: $15.95

12 Months: $29.95

Payments excepted through Paypal (my favorite) and Authorize Ne
Some Good Points:
-Table of Contents, 22 categories to be exact, with sub categories, for easily finding the subjects you are interested in.

-They also have symbols for age’s and grades so you can see if the website is age appropriate.

-Search Box for easily finding something specific.

-Links to regular school subjects, Magazines, State Standards, Holidays, Arts, Music, Kites, Media, Preparing for College, and many more.

-Opportunity for fundraising if you want to raise money for a special cause (adoption, an organization or your chur
What I Thought:
I enjoyed this professional site. Its perfect for homeschoolers who are on a budget.

I really found this site to be well organized. Its easy to find what I was looking for. I was interested in History and Foreign Language. I went right to the table of contents to find what I wanted. I also did a search for “German” since this is the Foreign Language we want to learn.I explored my interests and visited some links. The websites linked to from Help Me To Teach looked professional.

There were games, printable worksheets, create puzzles. I could talk about the outside links, but that is another review waiting to happen. As this review is about Help Me To Teach. And I think this website is an excellent choice if you want to save money on curriculum and activities. There are over 2000 safe money saving links. And from what I can see the links are all secular. As in I did not find any christian links.

Which brings me to the things I did not like (your never really 100% satisfied with all parts).

I tend to use mostly Christian bible based products. So that was a disappointment for me that I could not find those christian links. Maybe there are some, as I did not search every single link, just the ones I was interested in with a few others.

I also did not see a place to view pricing until I went through the sign up process.

Over all, I think this website is worth you atleast looking at. Try out the 3 day period. Trust me, with what you’ll find in the links, you will have saved money.

I will be using it A LOT! I am going to go use it right now!

Till Next Time!

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