Review: The Schoolhouse Planner from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

I have already spoke to some of you on this planner but here is my written review.

I started using this planner to organize for school for this year. Before I bought it I downloaded the free sneak peak offered HERE.
I was impressed with the sneak peak and decided to give it a try. I was happy I did! This planner is chocked full of information and forms. There are forms for schooling, forms for household, calendars, recipes, and other information pages to use for unit studies.

I was very excited about the sheets that I can use with unit studies, like our presidents, holidays, kitchen conversions (which I hung up in my cabinet door next to my stove), and a few science tables and conversions.

I printed calendar pages for each of my girls. We made each of them their own planners, with the pages in a binder, to use. I just left out things they did not need.

I personally did not print out or use the household pages. But some of you may like them. Though I do plan on making a new address book. This is one of the things I was encouraged to do when I saw this form. I am also going to make my own recipe book from those pages, which I never was interested in doing before.

You could spend many hours making this all yourself. But why spend all that time away from your family when someone else has already done all the hard work for you? They obviously spent lots of effort in putting this together.
Plus, they always have a special going on. Like the ones now. You can also get the modules to go with the planner. I have already purchased the July Module about the holidays. I really like the idea that I can add a new module every month with new exciting information.

Buy the Planner 3 pack that comes with the planner and 2 modules HERE.

You will enjoy this planner. Check it out! Let me know what you think.

Till next time! Niki

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