Review: A Digital Magazine – The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

This is the first I have seen of this type of magazine. To be honest I was not very interested in it when I first heard about it. I am a hard copy type of girl! I like to take my magazines with me and read everywhere.
But after checking this out, I’m hooked! I’m not going to be looking all over my house for were I left my copy of the latest TOS magazine. I am going to know right were to find it. And since I already read on the Internet a lot, its not going to be anything new to me. I have become an e-book-aholic recently. So this ties right in with that.

The cool thing is, the pages are so clear and crisp. I was expecting something fuzzy like you see on some department store websites who have online catalogs. But not this digital magazine. It is high quality. And the coolest part, you can download it to your computer to read later. You are also able to easily go to links from the magazine, search for topics, change the look of the pages by zooming or look at thumbnails, and so much more. I am really impressed, and you that know me, know I don’t get impressed easily.

So why you are HERE checking out this cool new digital magazine, check out some e-books.

As an added bonus, right now if you purchase a 1 year subscription you will receive 19 free gifts. Which are awesome. I have used some of them in the past and present and they are worth it.

But that is one of the reason’s I love TOS in general. They are always “sweetening” the pot! Recently, I purchased a product and received a free e-book download that I was not aware that I was gonna receive (was posted in the Freebie Friday Newsletter and I had not read it yet). It was such a blessing at that time. I thank God for TOS and I am thankful that TOS is a Christ centered company!

Till next time! Niki

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