Our Back Yard Friends

Well, I cant get a clear picture of my deer. There is a mom and baby twins.

I can see them in the small clearing during the day running around. I am glad there are no hunters around here.

They are soo cute. I am gonna find a way to feed them so they will come across the creek again so I can get a picture. I guess we should visit Tractor Supply and see what they have. I dont want a huge deer feeder, those are big, bulky, and way out of my price range.

We also have a fat squirrel. I want to get him some food also. I think he ate the food I left out for the stray kitten.

We have tons of little birds of course. We even have a nest in our mailbox in the newspaper slot. No babies yet.
And, there are lots of things we dont like…. spiders, bugs, big crickets on steroids.
Slán agat
(good bye in Gaelic)
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