On My Soap Box! AGAIN!

Ok, the first time I tried to do this, my computer unexpectedly shut off, just out of the blue. Nice try Satan!
So as I was typing when I was rudely interrupted. We went to Walmart and the people were out getting people to sign up to vote. And this lady was wearing an Obama t-shirt. I just wanted to slap her for being deceived by this lying anti-christ closet muslim.
So the more I thought of this the more I just had to get up on my soap box about his guy.
So here is an article about him. At the bottom is an article about blogs being frozen because they are anti Obama.


And here are a few comments that I liked from others who have read the article (at bottom of article in link)

“Since Emperor Obama is allowed to pick and choose the media he wants, it will make it VERY EASY to edit out any mistakes or gaffes he makes. This is WAY too scary. This “Presidential Idol” has a very strange mystical power over people. Very demonic!”

“This is precisely why we watch FOXNEWS.COM We don’t watch the garbage that abc,nbc or cbs, nor their cable associates, put out everyday. We cancelled all our liberal newpapers and get our news online here and WND, The Drudge Report and The National Review online among others. To “if this is bothering you”, are really that ignorant or are you just putting us on? The Fairness Doctrine is to close down all of the above site I mentioned plus conservative radio. You must be one of those ‘groupies’ who can’t get enough info on NObama. I saw t-shirt the other day that says it all; “the only difference between Obama & Osama is b s.”

“Why is he traveling overseas at all? I thought his current job is to represent the people of Illinois, and he is applying for the job of executive of the United States. Neither role requires an overseas trip at this juncture.”

Well, why do you think he is traveling overseas? He if probably trying to his “boss” the anti-christ so they can start to bring this world, not just our country, down. He is out to control the world.

Oh, this is good too!
Bloggers blogs frozen because we don’t like their “god”.

Were anti-Obama bloggers blocked?
Jody Brown – OneNewsNow – 12:00:00 AM
var addthis_pub = ‘onenewsnow‘;

Some anti-Barack Obama bloggers are accusing Google of temporarily freezing their websites last month.

Fox News reports that seven blogs operated by Democrats who oppose the nomination of Senator Obama were flagged as spam sites by Blogger, a hosting service owned by Google. According to Google, the websites were frozen for five days as the result of an incorrect automated response from a spam filter. But the bloggers are not buying it. They believe that Internet users who support the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate used a “loophole” in Blogger’s system that allowed them to report the anti-Obama sites as spam blogs — artificial websites that are used to promote other sites. One of the bloggers whose website was frozen told Fox News she thinks the Blogger policy can be “manipulated” by individuals who are determined to “shut down the free exchange of ideas.” Adds Carissa Snedeker: “The conclusion that many of us came to was that we were specifically targeted by some over-enthusiastic Obama supporters.” For its part, Google says politics had nothing to do with it, that it was a “spam issue.” The Internet search engine giant says it was addressing the issue and evaluating its policies and technology to reduce the number of “false positives” that are caught by its spam filters. Google has restored posting rights to the blogs that were affected. (see Fox News story)

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