Our New Blog!

Well I canceled my other blog cause I didnt think anyone was reading. But it got mentioned to me by someone so I decided to start this again.
So this is the first posting. Hope you enjoyed it!

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2 Responses to Our New Blog!

  1. Cute pic.. the girls are getting so big. Well we added another granddaughter on June 12th, Abbigail “Abbi” Grace Carlotta was 6lbs 7 oz she is very cute. We just got back from Orlando last night for a basketball tournament…hope all is well love ya….Sis


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, how about that a new blog! wonder who mentioned it? Ha ha! Awesome! Nice photo of your fam! at the beach eh – En-vee-yuz (with a cap E)! Well… Any more photos to share? Not that we don’t see you at all. But, I like looking at other people’s photos and seeing all the adventures, y’know. Speaking of adventures, how about “Nim’s Island” as a fave movie? Chat w/ ya l8r!


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