Progression of 6 months Newfie Style…

Its been a while since I have posted. I will be posting more. We have some fun things going on in the new house. Remodeling and updating.

But for now…

We welcomed Finn into the family after moving into our new home. He is almost 6 months. He is over 70 pounds now but we need to to weight him again to see just how much he is.

Here he is from a few days old up to today. He is a character. Stubborn. Sweet. And a few choice words I can’t say.


Nap time in the water bowl.

Nap time under the sofa.

What do you mean I am not suppose to be up here? But the other babies are up here.

My new ball.

Have puddle? I will find it.

What? This isn’t my cage? But I fit.

Keeping mom’s chair warm.

Was this your plant?

I am not a black bear! See I am a polar bear.

Dad hug.

Can I have that cupcake?

I hope it is OK to have my stick in here.

The neighbor’s dogs are barking at me.

My bed makes a nice pillow.

Did someone say I needed a bib?

My first bath not in the tub. It was st Tractor Supply’s dog washing room.

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Photos: coffee and whip cream…

I love to take photos of weird things but I don’t usually post them or share them. But I think I will start posting and sharing my crazy photos.

Here is my iced coffee from this afternoon. I put whipped cream on the top and in thought it really cool how the cream “bleeds” into the coffee. Reminds me of stalactites in a cave.

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Photos: Setting up our aquarium at our new house…

It is still a work in progress. We have 2 smaller tanks we will be combining into the larger one. We still need to nurture our snails in the old tanks until the larger can maintain the food needs of the snails. We eventually will be adding more fish, most likely glo-fish because I am a total nerd and I like the bright colors. I have always had good luck keeping tetras and danios with a beta in a large tank so we will be fine.

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Photos: Purple Mums…

I picked these up at the local Kroger store. They are darker than I can capture on the phone camera. Haven’t figured out how to get the true color so I played with some color option settings.

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Photo: Old tractor seat and hummingbird vine

On our front porch. I liked the way the sun was hitting the seat.

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Photos: Cozy “Hygge” Room Spotlight..

We have been in our new home a few weeks. Things are slowly progressing along. I have one room mostly cleaned and organized. Its still not really decorated fully is the way I want. Its all a work in progress and the way I like to change things up I am sure it will change again in a few weeks. Things like the curtain rods and I have curtains planned to make soon. There are other things also.

This is our Hygge (hue-guh, its danish) room, which is our cozy room. No TV directly in the room. There are candles of all sorts, blankets, pillows, etc. It is a nice place to hang out and talk, read, knit, crochet, what ever you like. If you dont know what Hygge is, look it up. There is a nice website I like and you may want to check it out.

So its not perfectly cleaned and decorated, its not a photo op contest around here lol. But I will share anyways. The red sofa is my husband’s color choice, not mine! But I will deal with it. It will be getting an Aquamarine (RIT dye color) soon, as will the sectional. The recliner was my Grandpa’s and he gave it to us a couple of years before he died. My husband likes it, I am not fond of the look of recliners. So in reality I call this room my husband’s room lol. Its all good, I get to do what I want in the whole house but I am Happy to give him his “traditional” room.

I hope you


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Photo: wild grapes and vine

These wild grapes, I wouldn’t eat, are growing all around the honey suckle and other shrubs and trees in our woods. I am pulling some out for crafts and the rest to burn in our fall bon fires. I don’t want the vines to strangle my trees I want to keep.

They are simple photos. Nuttin special! They may even be a little blurry due to me having to zoom in so much as they were high up and hard to get to. The red berries are from a different bush.

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Photo: local nature

I was thrilled to see this little guy that I hope is doing his job of keeping unwanted vermin away.

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Photos: our creek

Its been steadily raining today and combined with past rain, our creek is up. I can’t wait to get in and clean up the trees, scrub and trash when it’s dried up this fall. I want to make it look nice so we can wade in it. It is also eroding in some places so that needs fixed.


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Photos: Storm Clouds and one of my pest catchers…

I love taking nature photos. I want to start sharing more photos. I am not an expert and do not claim to be.

My goal from today forward is to do 2-3 posts a week of photos I have taken the last several days. That should inspire me to get the camera out or just use my phone.

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