I know I have been gone for a while…

I took a long break from blogging after years of blogging on my homeschool blog. I just needed a break and I have wanted for the past several years to transfer over to a blog that homeschooling was not the main focus. So now I am going to do it. One of my daughters told me I should go back to blogging, so here I am.

I have one daughter who graduated this year and one left homeschooling high school at 14. She actually started homeschooling high school at late 12 almost 13. I am very proud of my daughters. I just don’t want focusing on homeschooling to be my only “thing”. I like doing some many other things and eventually homeschooling will no longer be and I would have ran out of homeschool things to blog about.

I have been doing lots of projects around the house. I will start adding them here now and then to get caught up on posting all those DIY projects I have done over the past year.

We have almost finished remodeling our quad level home we purchased 2 years ago. So I will be adding more of that remodeling in here. I have also been very busy doing a home day care.

I also, after years of begging, convinced my husband to buy me a Jeep Wrangler. He didn’t want to, no he fought me tooth and nail, but he finally gave in. And now he has taken it over. We have had it just over a week. But the good news is we are part of the JK clan now, specifically the Cincy JK Crew. They had a nice get together the other night and my husband and daughter went and hung out and had lots of fun.


Well, I am gonna mosey on. Until next time…..


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MIA… Back in Action…

I have been taking a break from blogging for this winter but I am coming back. I have lots of projects planned and can’t wait to share.

I will try to move some posts over from my old blog to this one. You may see reviews or other happenings.

I will also be sharing more about Melaleuca products. My first return spotlight will be on Melaleuca’s Wax Warmers and Wax Melts. They are one of my favorite products. I love Yankee Candle but I have become allergic to them over the years and they cause me severe headaches any more. The Melaleuca Wax Melts do not.

Please come back to see what I am working on.



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HDC Crochet Scarf in Caron Simply Soft Yarn…

For this scarf, I used the HDC = Half Double Crochet. I also crocheted this sideways, not end to end.

This is the longest scarf I have crocheted, or knit for that fact.

I, for the life of me, can not remember the green color’s name, but I did use Caron Simply Soft. I love that yarn, it really is soft. I would like to afford the more expensive yarns but I can’t so I buy what I can get at Joann’s fabric store.

I am finding that I like adding in photo outtakes with my model, so here is the first one.

She was like “how do you want me to stand?”
This one is really cute.
And this one is my favorite.
Here I was just playing around with some presets.

Stay tuned, I am knitting that shawl!

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Shawl from Tess of the D’Urbervilles – Future Knit Project…

I was browsing my free month of Amazon Prime and came across this show called Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Gemma Arterton stars as Tess. We like Gemma’s acting and that is what prompted me to watch this show I had never heard of.

While I was enjoying this show I had a sudden fascination with the shawl that Tess wears. I love the dark brown, the way she wraps it around and seems to be tied in the back to stay on is some scene, and I love that its going to be a challenge.  I went on a search for photo’s of the shawl and while looking through the google search, I found a link to a pattern on ravelry based on this shawl from the show. You can find it HERE.  I plan on doing this soon, though since I knit so slowly I may finish it by next year. I wonder if they have a crochet version?  So anyway, since I like to wrap up around the house since the hubby keeps it cold in the winter because he is always hot, and a tighty wad, this will come in perfectly for me to wear around the house. I may use my Lion brand Wool Ease in Walnut, my favorite yarn and color right now and has been for the past 2 years. I already have a winter hat made that will match, and gauntlets though I need to make new ones because the ones I have are too small for my big hands.

Enjoy the photo’s I found on google and go watch the movie. Its very umm should I say sad. I mean really, this girl can’t catch a break for nut’in. I really like historical based movies and though I don’t like a bunch of serious things to watch, I really enjoyed this one, almost as much as I love BBC’s version of Jane Eyre or The Secret Garden. Those are just a few of my favorite “drama” style movies. I love action movies and romantic comedies the best.

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Melaleuca Spotlight: Join me for $1 memberships to have a NON-TOXIC home..

I am pleased to announce that Melaleuca is offering $1 memberships so if you have been wondering about their products or building a home business, you can let me know.

I am happy to share about my experience with the products and how much I have fallen in love with them.

There are so many ways you can keep harmful chemicals out of your home to help keep your family healthy.

  • Proven Track Record and Debt free Company
  • Consumer Direct Marketing
  • Safe for your home
  • Safe for the environment
  • Better value than store brands
  • Simply switch your store your buying from
  • Member Discounts

Some of the items offered are:

  •  Nutrition
  • Vitamins
  • Weight Loss
  • Home Cleaning
  • Beauty Items
  • Body Care
  • and Exclusive discounts and promotions for 100’s of other retail vendors like Target, Dell, Cell Phone Providers, Security Systems, Dave Ramsey, Dish Network, etc.

There is also the opportunity to earn an income while your at home. No
meetings to worry about. No worry about finding your kids a babysitter. No stocking

  • High Customer Reorder Rate
  • Ongoing Residual Income
  •  No Risk Guarantee
  • Incentives to earn prizes, trips, car allowances, etc.

Visit one of my sites to learn more:




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Sewing Project: Infinity Scarf and Church Bag AKA the Ugly Bag…

I found this awesome flannel fabric (Stewart tartan for the Scottish out there) that I was going to use to make a duvet cover and I only purchased 1 yard so show the hubby.  I later found a comforter at L.L. Bean that I like and don’t have to make for about the same cost.

So I have this left over fabric. What to do what to do?

I will make a bag and matching scarf.
So I set out to make an infinity scarf.

And here it is.

I like it.

It looks good on the model who wasn’t happy about being a model.

By the way, she colored her hair again to red, temporary color something about bonfire? See that silly face letting me know she didn’t want to model.

So there it is. There is no pattern. I just sewed it together using a finishing hem like you see on pants.

Here is the matching bag.

I really wanted a bag to carry my bible, mints, pens, etc. to church.

So I set out to find a pattern and couldn’t find one that really knocked my flip flops off, so no socks in the summer.

So instead I cut the fabric in a long rectangle, with a lining of another flannel plaid, and some batting in between for some thickness so it wasn’t “floppy”.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I finally finished it after wanting to throw it in the trash.

Everything went good until I had to do the final close up of the top.

It was a pain and I ended up with a scalloped edge around the top.

So instead of calling it my church bag, I am now calling it the ugly bag.

But I guess it doesn’t matter to God if my bible toting bag is ugly or not.

It serves my purpose and I think it didn’t turn out too bad for a first time at sewing a tote bag with lining and batting, kinda quilty.

It was a first for the handles by the way. I did really awesome on those and very proud of that part :)
I hope you enjoyed my sewing projects for this past week.

I wish I could have gotten my model to wait a few more minutes to model the scarf and bag together but she was finished with me!

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Wallet to go with Cupcake Purse and up coming sewing projects…

I have been working on a few things and one thing I finished is this little wallet to go with the cupcake purse that you can find HERE.

I used the same new stitch I learned and you can see, in another bad lighting photo, the tilted squares.

I am also working on another scarf using a stitch called a triple double crochet, I think. I am still learning all these stitches, even the stitches I have been doing for years, I never knew what they were called.

I have new projects I am working on in the sewing deptartment.

I have made an infinity scarf and I am in the process of making my own pattern up for a bag to sew like this crochet bag I did a few years ago. I have been scouring the internet to find a sewing pattern for the perfect bag to carry my bible and mints in to church. I need it to be sturdy but be able to use the flannel fabric I used for the scarf so they match. So I am getting creative on the lining. I may use an old pair of jeans. I hope to have that done in the next 2 days for you.

It’ll be grand!

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